Gaston Push-Up Contest

Gaston Push-Up Contest

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[Gaston Push-Up Contest]

– So I heard you think you’re pretty strong? Source: LYBIO.net
– What’s that?
– You’re pretty strong? You think you’re pretty strong?
– No, who told you that?
– I think I’m stronger than you.
– I’m the strongest man [alive].
– I don’t know.
– Stronger than ‘me’?
– I think I’m stronger than ‘me’.
– You’re stronger than me?
– I think I am.
– What’s your challenge today, boy?
– Push-up contest.
– A push-up contest?
– A push-up contest. Source: LYBIO.net
[Girl:] A push-up contest.
– We have a push-up contest. Okay, boy I have a challenge of a push-up contest. Where is the prize at? Where is the prize? Where’s the – let me see…
[Girl:] I’ll be it.
– She’s the prize.
– Yes.
[Girl:] She’s the volunteer…
– Just so you know she can’t cook and clean. Go!
– I’ll [name the sign was worth it].
– Okay. Someone say go when you’re ready?
[Girl:] Ready!
– Okay.
[Girl:] Ready?
[Girls:] Go!
[Girls:] One, two…oh…
– Do it, hurry up, lets go.
[Girls:] Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
– He looks like he’s struggling. Perhaps he needs a hand.
(Ohhhhhhhhhhh!) Source: LYBIO.net

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