Zarna Joshi Responds Internalized Oppression


Zarna Joshi Responds Internalized Oppression

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[Zarna Joshi Responds Internalized Oppression]

Zarna responds to Sexual Violence and Stalking

Part II
Internalized Oppression

Trigger Warning

Contents contains mention of sexual harassment, sexual assault, rape, violence, gun violence, murder, imprisonment, historical trauma, abuse, and suicide.

Strong and explicit language.

Parental Discretion is advised.

[Zarna Joshi:] Source:
In a patriarchal society women are supposed to quietly submit to oppression. That’s their role.

Staying Safe in Social Situations

How to Defend Yourself from an Attacker

wikiHow to Prevent a Potential Rape

Bill Cosby’s wife says accusers ‘consented’ to drugs and sex

[Zarna Joshi:]
We’re supposed to accept crass jokes, innuendos, lewd gestures physical intimidation, sexual assault, rape and murder. Everyone knows that. What a lot of people don’t know is that some women who’ve been forced to fill this role their whole lives, can fill outraged when another woman refuses to play the part. It’s called internalized oppression.

I’ve dealt with all the insults without making scenes.

She’s so entitled, she expects to be safe all the time.

[Zarna Joshi:]
When I refuse to be silent, and I raise my voice and I demand safety, it makes some women angry and afraid. A woman who dares to speak out in this culture of silence is a shock.

#zarnajoshi Just hope you never are actually really harassed. It’s not a pleasant experience. And if you ever are, remember how you acted.

Women like you make us all look bad. You’re making women unsafe.

What He’s Secretly Thinking About YOU

[Zarna Joshi:] Source:
Women have spent their whole lives worrying about what men think. They’re so used to being afraid.

1. I want #ZarnaJoshi to know I was sexually harassed I was guilted into sex received death threats for not returning feelings and grouped

What happened to you wasn’t even that bad. How dare you trivialize sexual harassment like this?

Brain Rood: Expectation of rejection make people who are transgender feel anxious, isolated, depressed

Verbal assaults – how to defend yourself

[Zarna Joshi:]
It’s called internalized oppression. Instead of protecting each other, the sisterhood is fractured, divided, leaving us isolated and afraid, queer and transgender people are even more isolated. None of us can be safe in such a culture.

I agree with the men that wasn’t sexual harassment, you overreacted.

you know thats a good point
I’ve always said sexual harassment claims dont count if it didn’t happen

[Zarna Joshi:] Source:
Of course, there are men denying that I was sexually harassed. They have to deny it because otherwise they would have to admit that they’ve been sexually harassing women their entire lives and there are women who are denying it because otherwise they would have to admit that they’ve been sexually harassed.

many rape victims experience both guilt and shame after being sexually assaulted.

Violence Against Girls Globally

• 120 million girls have experienced rape and/or sexual assault at some point in their lives

• Most common perpetrators are former or current husbands, partners, or boyfriends

• More than 700 million women alive today were married as children

3 Women die every day in the United States because of Male Violence

[Zarna Joshi:]
And there are women who won’t admit it even to themselves that they’ve been sexually harassed, assaulted, even raped, the trauma goes that deep. It’s called internalized oppression.

It seems like a downward spiral for anyone with a hugely debunk-able mindset that goes psycho in front of a camera. Viva la anti-fame.

Why don’t you just let it go? You are so hostile to him. Why did you escalate the situation?

[Zarna Joshi:] Source:
In a patriarchal society women are always considered to be the problem, so even when she defends herself, she’s seen as the aggressor. The man who sexually harassed me, he was hostile. Sexual harassment is hostile. He escalated the situation when he repeated his sexually harassing words. The security guards escalated the situation when they criminalized me. The cops escalated the situation when they attempted to intimidate me.

Video: Do you consider this sexual harassment?

[Zarna Joshi:]
The news station escalated the situation when they posted the video with sexist dismissive commentary.

Hey boys, let’s ruin her fucking life
Let’s start, first, she got a
This is her FACEBOOK
Anyone else got other useful info? If yes, comment it here, and destroy her

If i catch her walking around Seattle, i will sexually harass her till she goes back to wherever the fuck she’s from.

[Zarna Joshi:]
The cyber stalkers escalated the situation when they sent me violent messages and sexual threats.

i hope she gets gang raped by a group of savages then she will have something to complain about

It’s your fault you’ve been trading with violence.

Police Have Great Advice on How No to Raped This Christmas

The police would have helped you if you’d just been nice to them.

Military veterans to get priority for police jobs under COPS grants

“A woman who signs up to protect her country is more likely to be raped by a fellow soldeir than killed by enemy fire,”

that many of the 20,000 assaults in 2014 were not “unwanted sexual contact” – a phrase the Pentagon uses to describe any incident of unsolicited and unwanted sexual behavior – they were violent, probing acts.

[Zarna Joshi:] Source:
Many cops are ex-military, eight out of every ten women in the military experiences rape and/or sexual assault while serving. It’s officially called unwanted sexual contact to protect the men who perpetrate these crimes and those same men go into our police forces.

UPDATE: After we made her famous, Zarna Joshi

Ive been trying to find a way to contact this c’nt

[Zarna Joshi:]
That’s why blue lies not to have been posting hate videos about me and showing that rapists and stalkers target me.

Victims of Police Violence are even more vulnerable because their Abuser

• has a gun
• knows the location of battered women’s shelters
• knows how to manipulate system to blame victim
• is backed by a culture of silence by the government

Domestic Violence Percentages Nationwide

Police Officer Perpetrated

Average Citizen Perpetrated

[Zarna Joshi:]
The cops are the very perpetrators of rape culture that women have been indoctrinated into thinking that the police are there to protect them. The truth is that cops are twice as likely to commit domestic violence against their partners.

How to Be the Nice Girl

Be nice and stay quiet that’s how we women stay safe.

Human Trafficking Victims
70% Women and Girls

Women More Likely To Blame Rape Victims

[Zarna Joshi:] Source:
Women are never safe in a rape culture, particularly when we reward our sexual harassers by being nice to them, but victim blaming is a key component of internalized oppression. It’s because people blame themselves when they are abused. They feel ashamed. So when they see others being abused, they blame those others too.

Our victim blaming tactics do little to prevent sexual assault

[Zarna Joshi:]
They asked what were you wearing, what were you doing, what were you saying instead of asking who was he, how did he get away with it, how do we stop him.

You’re wearing athletic clothes dear, you were asking for attention.

Percentage of Victims of Rape/Attempted Rape by Race
34.1% Native American Women
24.4% Mixed Race Women
18.8% Black Women
17.7% White Women

[Zarna Joshi:] Source:
Women of color suffer the most from rape and sexual assault. Men target us because they know we have no power. They know the system won’t protect us. That’s called white supremacy. That’s called White patriarchy. But the white women tell us that the way to deal with it isn’t to stop men from targeting us. It’s to hide our own bodies and our identities while trying to be white. That’s even more white supremacy.

Just shut up, okay. You are acting like a crazy woman when all he did was tell a joke.


[Zarna Joshi:]
The word crazy is used to marginalize anyone that patriarchal power structure wants to shut up. Not only are women and people of color marginalized this way, but people with mental disabilities too. It’s called evalism.

Not so long ago this woman would have been placed in a mental hospital for life.

It’s a shame that spot on her forehead isn’t an off button.

asem al belawe
typical fernnazi sjw fat bitch ugly, annoying, not enough brain cells to get a joke and always offended.

Indian chicks are the worst kind. They soaked up feminism and SJW bullshit incredibly quickly and mixed it with the existing bad aspects of their own culture into a toxic mix. Most of them don’t even look good. Unbearable.

“You’re being too emotional.”

[Zarna Joshi:] Source:
And by the way, crazy isn’t a mental condition. It doesn’t actually mean anything except that someone is trying to silence you. It’s a type of tone policing. And tone policing is what happens when those in power can’t argue with what you say so they argue with how you say it. It’s a tactic used primarily with women and people of color. You’re so angry. You’re so crazy. You’re hysterical. You’re irrational. You’re raising your voice, that’s tone policing.

[Man:] Source:
You need to stop talking. Women are too emotional to talk rationally about anything.

[Zarna Joshi:]
Savage, animal, boy, ape, that’s how the white supremacist patriarchy has referred to men of color for hundreds of years. They were kept as slaves as objects, as entertainment. Men of color were never allowed to be men. This historical emasculation has led to some men of color affirming their manhood by abusing women.

Hey bro! Im indian as well. So is zarna joshi. Just saying…. we love to crack puns in India too :) That doesnt mean that im not ashamed that someone with a negative IQ nowadays represents my culture…:/

Being an Indian, I’m so ashamed that this filth is talking about racism.


Racial Profiling targets People of Arab and South Asian Descent

• Detention and Questioning at Airports
• Investigation of Muslim charities
• Bullying in Schools
• Workplace Discrimination

More Black Men are in Prison Today Than Enslaved in 1850

‘90% of Guantanamo prisoners are innocent people sold to US Gov’

Sam Murphy 4 weeks ago
Fuckin’ paki needs to go tf back to whatever third world country she came from

did nobody shoot this bitch yet??

Why hasn’t there been a faminist really bombing yet,

Keshav Joshi
As another Joshi I feel ashamed that I share my second name with this Feminazi bitch…

Manish Kumar Singh
OME she is Indian……Kick her out…….she is a disgrace

[Zarna Joshi:] Source:
It’s their attempt to have power like the white men, but the white supremacists patriarchy will never let them into that boys club. That’s why black men get shot in the streets. That’s why brown men get profiled as drug dealers and terrorists. As far as the white supremacists patriarchy is concerned, people of color are animals to be used up and thrown away. Men of color are kept down with prisons, detention facilities, deportations, wars and death. So when men of color go off to me sexually harassed me, stoke me, they’re aiding and abetting the white supremacist empire and they don’t even know it. The man, who sexually harassed me at City Hall, was a man of color. The security guards, who criminalized me, were men of color. Many of the people attacking me online are men of color. It’s called internalized oppression. My brothers and sisters and queer and trans siblings let us come together to heal, to grieve, to build transformative justice. If we don’t help each other now, the white supremacist patriarchy will continue to keep us down, so let us come together to stand against oppression. Let us come together to end rape culture.

Part III
What is Sexual Harassment?
Coming Soon…

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Zarna Joshi Responds Internalized Oppression

Zarna Joshi Responds Internalized Oppression

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