World’s Largest Fried Egg


World’s Largest Fried Egg

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World's Largest Fried Egg

World’s Largest Fried Egg

[World’s Largest Fried Egg]

I picked up an ostrich egg at Borough market at the exotic game store. And so I’m going to crack it open. A smaller bowl and a dish towel just to keep it steady while I chip at it. The easiest way to get open an ostrich egg is just to spike it like a football.

we are going with a more gentle approach

And you just want to keep hitting it until you hear a kind of lower pitch. You have this pitch, but then you have that pitch. And that’s the one you want because that’s when you know it’s doing damage to the egg. So you just keep tapping it and you just keep tapping it in a circular motion and then it’ll eventually give, it’s actually not that hard.

unless you are trying to save the shell

which can take forever


Just I’m prying it open it here. Woo! Oh my goodness! It’s like giving birth to a dinosaur. Removing a few of the top pieces here while keeping the membrane intact. So there isn’t a lot of air in the egg. So it’s already giving a lot, but I just want to show – just want to peal its back gently in. This has some real weight to it, this egg is very, very heavy. Oh! Oh… I’m spilling the egg. I think I should just have it here, down here. Just getting out some of the whites first here. Oh, don’t break. Please God, don’t break. Woo! That went well.

splat… ewww

Okay… I don’t know how I’m going to do this. Fortunately, I don’t have to cook every other week. Okay. One more try. One more try.

cooking from a wheelchair freakin sucks

Woo! Oh my Gosh! Oh my Gosh! I think we got it. Oh my Gosh! That’s a big egg. Well, I’ll crank up the heat a little bit. It’s just going to stir that around a little bit, so it has a chance to cook evenly.

Okay, I think we’re there. So what I’m going to do now is I’m going to take this butter, we browned in here. Just going to pour it on top of the egg here, see that. We’re going to try the maneuver that my hubby will help me with that.

Now he’s going to take the egg and flip it over into the pot. So go for it, honey. You can do it.

this is the turning point of our marriage

He’s very brave. Go for it, honey. Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness! Good job. Now flip. Perfect!


That worked out pretty well actually. Wow. All right.

my man… the egg master!

I don’t even think that we broke the yoke. Wow. Look at that. And – and that’s how you make the biggest fried egg in the world.

We’re going to cook our frozen pizza in a second and have it with the egg.

mmm, fried ostrich egg and frozen cheese pizza

our dinner can’t get more classy

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World's Largest Fried Ostrich Egg

World’s Largest Fried Ostrich Egg

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