Woodsie TV Hungover Baby The Aftermath


Woodsie TV Hungover Baby The Aftermath

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[Woodsie TV Hungover Baby The Aftermath]

I’m never drinking again. Who bought those shots? Whoever bought those shots, we’re not friends anymore. Oh… my head.

Is this a migraine? Is this how migraines happen?

Am I supposed to take acetaminophen or ibuprofen?

Please tell me I didn’t text anyone last night. Oh my God I sent a Snapchat. Why didn’t you stop me from snapping? What did I send? Why didn’t someone take my phone away?

I sent 47 texts last night!

Nobody talk to me for 48 hours, that’s the rule. This is a new rule.

I need to eat something so I can throw up.

Where is my sports drink?

Did Karen, go home with that guy, she did, good for her.

I think I’m dying.

Someone tell my cat, [Miyako Rupiyo] that I love him. My roommate Jennifer will take care of you, Miyako.

No, I won’t.

Yes, you will. Everything hurts. I just remember that I peed on a Volkswagen, I have to poop, I have to poop right now, oh, I pooped.

Oh, it’s like I’m sitting in a hot ocean. It’s like the world’s worst hot tub. Anybody want tacos? I’m buying.

Woodsie TV Hungover Baby The Aftermath

Woodsie TV Hungover Baby The Aftermath

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