Wonder Showzen Hot Dog Factory


Wonder Showzen Hot Dog Factory

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[Wonder Showzen Hot Dog Factory]

You know how hot dogs are made in a hot dog factory?

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Ha ha no, how?

Well let’s watch.

We went to the hot dog factory.

We got to see how they made hot dogs.

First, they unload the pigs.

I named that one Mortymer.

Those pigs are going through hell, and they might taste good but they’re going to heaven.

That’s the meat they use to make hot dogs.

Mortymer was cute.


That man has a cold heart.

That’s the dark nature of capitalism.

I got to go doodie.

That meat is so pretty.

They showed us a chart where the meat comes from.



There’s something wrong here.

Raining meat just like my nightmares.

Mmmm donkeys colon.

Donkey’s guts…

The meat smells like my grandma’s mouth.

Yummy! Booger sugar.

How pretty!

I got to go poopie.

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Shiny! I want to swim in the meat poolie.

That’s what my doggie does in my pants.

That’s what my grandma did, on the coffee table. We rubbed her nose in it.

Daddy! I think that guy is a catholic priest.

If I was a hot dog everyone would love me and daddy wouldn’t feed me with a rope of hot dogs and then made me eat it.

What a delicious eating.

That guy was a wiener smoker. I can smell it on me.

We got to go into the bake room.


Daddy! He stole my watch and my heart.


Oh pretty!

I saw the black man!

Hey look! The hot dog highway. Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! They’re still kicking!

There’s Mortymer.

Delicious murder.

Hot dogs gave me energy, so I can fight off my demons.

[Child:] Source: LYBIO.net
That’s how hot dogs are born.

Hot dogs, we love you long time.

Watch this. I’m going to go take a –


– dump. Source: L Y B I O . N E T

Wonder Showzen Hot Dog Factory

Wonder Showzen Hot Dog Factory

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