WKUK Salad


WKUK Salad

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[WKUK Salad]


I’m tellin’ you man… this salad tastes like pussy.

What are you talking about?

I’m talking about pussy. This salad tastes exactly like pussy.

Well I don’t know what pussy you’ve been eating but the pussy I eat don’t taste like no salad.

I ain’t saying pussy tastes like salad. All I’m saying that this salad that I ordered tastes like a big fucking pussy.

What kind of salad is it?

What the fuck does it matter, what kind of salad it is; its not like they got Pussy Salad on the menu, huh? No, it’s Spinach salad; fuck you.

Well are you sure you didn’t order a tuna salad or something?

Yeah… I’m sure hot-shot, but I see where you’re going with that – here, try it.

Well I’ll be a shit covered dick… that salad taste like fucking pussy.

This salad right here tastes exactly like a big fucking pussy.

Ok. Hello. Hi. Um… I’m sorry to interrupt you but I’m having dinner here with my wife and my very very young child.

Well I’m sorry sir and I don’t mean to offend you and your family, but the thing is that we ordered this salad here and it tastes exactly like up big sloppy pussy.

Well I really doubt that that’s true, so…

It is, it’s true. Source: LYBIO.net

Here, try it! Try it!

Come on…

Holy mackerel this does tastes like pussy.


I’m serious Meredith!

This tastes exactly like a big sloppy pussy.

Try it lady!

Ya, go ahead try it yourself.

I don’t need to try it for myself.

Meredith, really this – this is uncanny.


That tastes a bit like pussy.

See I told you.

Yeah… there it is.

That’s so fucking hot…

Man, where is the waiter? What’s in the salad?


Now, the feta tastes like feta. So, it’s gotta be the spinach cause the whole thing tastes like pussy and cheese.

Can I try a bite?

Yeah… dig in.

Where in the hell is this waiter guy?


This salad doesn’t taste like pussy!

I knew it, you are grounded young man.

What?! Source: LYBIO.net

I knew you’d been eating pussy and now I guess all of us do.


Say hello to Phil and Collin from work.

Sorry kid… busted.

Now… how much pussy have you been eating?

I don’t know…

And where have you been eating this pussy?

I don’t know…


School. The Park.

Kyle’s house?

Sometimes Kyle’s house.

Well… you can say goodbye to Kyle’s house.


Oh Harold… looks like our work here is done.

Hey, thanks guys. I’ll see you at work on Monday.


Ah… so Harold are you going to help me out with that thing with my kid tomorrow night?

Yeah… what was that again? You had explained it to me but I didn’t quite get it.

You know my kid he splits his time up between with me and my ex-wife and I thought you know, get some of the guys together, we go over her house dress up like ghosts and like throw rocks at his windows and he thinks it’s haunted and doesn’t want to stay there no more.

Ya… I’m not going to do that.

There… fine… fine… Source: L Y B I O . N E T

WKUK Salad

WKUK Salad

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