Windows 10 Rage


Windows 10 Rage

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[Windows 10 Rage]


Look at this shit. Look at this stupid bull shit, restarting in 12 minutes and 58 seconds.

This shit comes up on my computer every single day automatically. Your PC needs to restart to finish installing important updates, every single day.

And every single day I click later.

You know why I click later?

Because there is no option to click never. I’d like to click never.

I never want to install these bull shit meaningless superfluous – I hate them. I hate these stupid updates.

Look at this shit, everyday this comes up. And you know what happens after you click later a few times, when a few days it goes by, and you keep clicking later and later because you don’t want to fucking do it, you just want to put it off this automatic bull shit that interrupts your work and makes you turn off your fucking computer, and you click later everyday, eventually it takes away the option to even click later, and it just says, these are your only options.

It’s basically putting a knife to your head and saying you can either – you can either fucking – you can either wait 11 minutes and we will shut it off for you or you can just you know bite the bullet and shut it off now. It doesn’t even give you a choice to say no. It just comes up whenever it wants automatically and says; fuck you, we’re turning off your computer no mater what you are doing in 10 minutes and 47 seconds.

Look at this shit. I’m fucking rendering something you cocksucker. I’m doing important shit.

Why do you need to install updates? Source: L Y B I O . N E T

What updates?

So more fucking spyware, so the NSA can keep watching what I’m doing. Looking out at my dic pics and watching me jerk-off, spying on me. Obama, you fucking nigger. I’m a racist. You made me a racist.

Windows 10 Rage

Windows 10 Rage

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