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22 Minutes Win Lose Or Draw Muhammad

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[22 Minutes Win Lose Or Draw Muhammad]

Hey, everybody. Welcome back the Win, Lose or Draw folks. I’m your host Dean Thomson. And today, we are here with Rodham Mary Taylor. Before the break, Ron, you successfully guessed that Mary drew a puppy and for that you two are taking home $750. And guess what, you got – [Buzzing Sounds] oh, do you hear that noise? You two have been selected to play the super duper bonus round for $1 million. Yes that’s right.

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Okay, so, Ron, get on up here…

Come on Ron, come on Ron…

Turn… Pick up that marker. And uh… for this last round go ahead, Ron, put your earpiece and…

Put it in there, Ron, get it in.

And just so everybody knows at home, he is the only one who can hear the prompt in this entire room for $1 million. Let’s hear your word.

Please draw Muhammad.

What is it Ron?

I don’t. I – could they repeat the word please?

Sure, go ahead director.

Please draw Muhammad.

Okay, Ron, $1 million Ron.

$1 million Ron, just go ahead.

Please, please don’t make me do this…

$1 million…

Please… please…

Write on here.

Go ahead Ron, $1 million Ron.

$1 million, Ron, $1 million…

Go ahead…

Am I allowed to pass?

You have to draw, you have to draw on the thing, it’s for $1 million, Ron.

Okay, what is it Ron.

$1 million.

What is it, Ron? Come on, honey.

I can’t draw this.


Yes, he did it. You have won $1 million, Win, Lose or Draw! Congratulations!…

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Win Lose Or Draw Muhammad

Win Lose Or Draw Muhammad

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