Will Fonch – Direction


Will Fonch – Direction

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[Will Fonch – Direction]

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The crisis that’s holding this world in paralysis is, Mankind’s natural mind functioning mindless, the Rose garden the world painted for me is now shattering prefixing outward directions of in towards my sanity, This world’s majority is locked in schizophrenism or their opticals see optimistic materialism.

You can think outside the box but, you can’t think past the prism and instead of finding God, you’re stuck in a worldly ‘ism’ but
Where were these other ‘isms’ when, when I was crying like a baby, when I was searching the heavens for somebody to save me,
You would think a Buddha or Mohammed, the obvious ones but
all of them had a form of Godliness,
Deceived the most when I needed most help against, trials, principalities, even myself
Out of millions of religions that the World tries to hold up
They couldn’t copy the dude that showed up, Look

If you have a clue of what we’re about instead of understanding would you like to stand out
And heal these nations, lead dudes to salvation,
We put the shepherd up in the right place,
No jokes, I’m not talking with pie on my face,
Accepting Him is easy no need for a high chase,
He’ll be an automatic friend like Tom on myspace
For as long as I live, I won’t rest my case
About the Lord of Lords, aka King of Kings, aka Son of the Creator of all things
Who brings, sinners to repentance and transforms their minds and brings them right back to their senses
My life was like eggs, I was shelled inside up, I got scrambled and now I’m living sunny side up
Serving hungry people after cooking in that frying pan,
I got a couple burn marks but I ain’t dyin man
Marinating in that heat, gave me new flavor, new reason, you can say I taste better seasoned,
My old life is gone for that Lamb who was bleedin
So I’m smiling everyday like I’m cheesin
But, with all due respect, I’d like to end on a note that’s grammatically correct.

My life has an exclamation point next to pornography and yet
Though I’ve casted this catastrophe aside like an apostrophe and yet,
Though I’ve had myriads of periods in the dark,
My Father still looks past, all of my punctuation marks

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