White Kids You Know Race War


White Kids You Know Race War

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[White Kids You Know Race War]

[Dave:] Source: LYBIO.net
Hey Bill, hey Bill, Bill, hey bill.

[Bill:] Hey Dave

[Dave:] Hey, what’s going on, come on…

[Bill:] Shhh….shhh….Wendy is sleeping.

[Dave:] Well, come on man…

[Bill:] What?

[Dave:] Don’t wake her up, come on let’s go, race war.

[Bill:] Race war?

[Dave:] Come on Bill, race war.

[Bill:] What do you mean?

[Dave:] Well, Bill, did we always talk about wanting to do that.

[Bill:] No, no, I don’t. I don’t remember that at all.

[Dave:] Come on Bill, race war. You can be captain. I’m going to be sergeant.

[Bill:] No.

[Dave:] Oh, is that Wendy?

[Bill:] Yeah, she – you woke her up.

[Dave:] Tell her I say: “hey”, is she is still mad at me?

[Bill:] Yes, she is.

[Dave:] Come on man, race war. Bring her. No don’t bring her, she is, what is she?

[Bill:] She is a Italian.

[Dave:] Yeah, don’t bring her. Hey, you want to get her.

[Bill:] No.

[Dave:] You like her, that’s right.

[Bill:] No, no.

[Dave:] That’s right. Come on man, well don’t tell her, she might tell the Italian.

[Bill:] Dude, she is the same race.

[Dave:] As what?

[Bill:] Us.

[Dave:] What?

[Bill:] Yeah.

[Dave:] No.

[Bill:] Yeah.

[Dave:] We are American.

[Bill:] Kind of…

[Dave:] What are you?

[Bill:] English.

[Dave:] Source: LYBIO.net
That’s American, here’s the bus, [ ] up, I will come back, he was in a truck. Couldn’t get ‘em.

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