Whatever Happened To Lonelygirl15


LonelyGirl15 Whatever Happened To Lonelygirl15

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LonelyGirl15 Returns

LonelyGirl15 Returns

[LonelyGirl15 Whatever Happened To Lonelygirl15]

LonelyGirl15 Returns

LonelyGirl15 Returns


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VIDEO 4: What To Do If You Are Selected (Ver.2)

Being selected can be a very frightening thing. It’s okay to be afraid. When I was selected I was terrified. I wasn’t sure I wanted to go through with the ceremony and my friends thought something would happen to me.

Nothing happened to me.

Everything was fine.

I went through with the ceremony and it was an honor and a privilege.

I’m living proof of that and now that you’ve reached your 15th birthday you too will undergo selection, being chosen by your loved ones and your elders is one of the most amazing experiences of your life.

There’s nothing to fear.

A part of you and your ancestors must heal this world and the order is here to help guide — my story was a simple one.

Girl gets selected, girl gets scared, girl gets lost and then returns home and does what she was always meant to do.

Your friends want what’s best for you but they won’t understand if they’re not a part of us.

You must keep this information secret from them, or you can hurt your standing.

The blood must heal, the blood must protect, the blood must flow.

Now open to page 15 of your ceremony selection handbook.

Brush up on your knowledge. She’s a very complicated girl, you know.

Whatever Happened To Lonelygirl15

Whatever Happened To Lonelygirl15

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