Westopher Baker The Camera Never Lies


Westopher Baker The Camera Never Lies

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[Westopher Baker The Camera Never Lies]

[Westopher Baker:]
The camera never lies. See they process image burned inside. There was a time where we’d reside without the spoon that feeds our minds, cumbersome and hard to get yet some would bet to some extent, if they weren’t snapping they’d forget their grandparents or family pet. And these are portraits hung on walls forgotten in museum halls. The history in toilet stalls we see how people lived before, memento Mori.

The knowledge grew, so did the scene so moving image now was key, and people keen to see on screen the foreign places never been, and then they went to fight.

Two world wars where blood was spilled, so now the cameras always filming broken homes and evil villains, politicians in slave-trade buildings, binding families torn apart in war in which they all took part, without the knowledge of the lies this revolution televised.

The products sold from product lines to heal the sick and strengthen ties, and when we all were blown to blitz they started selling helpful tips, women please don’t look like shit you’ve got a countries frame to fit, and husbands who weren’t shot to bits can soothe the war by getting pissed and then crept the lethargy.

[Westopher Baker:]
Electrons danced on phosphorous screens and folks are told that prosperous means, a family holiday overseas exotic spots that you’ve now seen in red, green and blue, and you helped the cause and fought those wars your dogs are barking rest those paws, the rest of us were restless cause the rest were busy building walls, and changing rules for what we saw, far less privy than before, the editors hands must be sore the footage never seen before and then never seen again.

But when the media had its spin the fingers pointed look at him, and her in lights that you’ve not seen because life is just peripheral, have some opinions, you are hapless minions, and you happen to live in these happy conditions, cause habit traditions, and satisfied living have shackled you glued to your fat-asses prisoners in your own front room, with one big eye ogling you.

Obnoxious views of how to live and where to go and what to give and who to give it too, who is the bad against the poorest has used before now strength in wars. We all applaud they held the floor, the country has never seen before and you probably never will.

So as the Hollywood era dies, machinery rises, galvanized with cost effective etiquette, no more subjective tele text.

[Westopher Baker:]
So point and shoot, and click and snap, avoid, consume, tit for tat, assume you can live with that; the revolution is here: attack. Remember the camera never lies. It’s just the person stood who behind it.

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Westopher Baker The Camera Never Lies

Westopher Baker The Camera Never Lies

Westopher Baker The Camera Never Lies. So point and shoot, and click and snap, avoid, consume, tit for tat… Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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