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[Reporter:] Source:
Hundreds of people turned out tonight for the unveiling of a very controversial statue.

[Steve Garagiola:]
Yeah, it really is. The Satanic Temple of Detroit revealed the one ton bronze statue. Their message, they say, more about laws protecting religious freedom than about Satan. Priya Mann joins us live. Priya, I know there are some protesters out there this evening. Did the event remain calm?

[Priya Mann:]
Steve, the Detroit police say this was a relatively peaceful event. There were a few protesters early on they tried blocking the doors so people couldn’t get in to get tickets. They were told to step back which they did, the Satan statue will be unveiled tonight at a secret location.

As a small group of protesters prayed, hundreds waited for tickets to the unveiling of an eight foot tall bronze statue of a goat headed Satan. Most of the people here agree with the teachings of the Satanic Temple, the group responsible for the event.

[Woman (Satanist):]
It’s here, it’s in Detroit, and this is fantastic. That like we get to experience this and we get to see this amazing statue being unveiled for all the world to see.

[Man (Satanist):]
I’m just excited to see my Lord and Savior Baphomet represented in such glorious Italian stone. I do hope his eyes gaze upon me, and that my allegiance is recognized. I don’t know. Notice me senpai, notice me.

In the name of Jesus….

Protesters took the heavy rainfall as some sort of sign, and even brought their own statue of an angel crushing the devil.

[Man (Satanist):] Source:
Part of me wishes that angel statue would come to life, and King Baphomet would rise and two eternal juggernauts would do battle right here in the middle of the city. But for what is this battle raging you ask? I don’t know. What stands at the center? To that I say; My soul is at the center, offered up to the ageless ones. Only to be torn in twain.

The unveiling here in Detroit is historic the Satan statue has never before been seen publicly. The Satanic temple says the statue is a symbol for what they advocate, the separation of church and state.

[Man (Satanist):]
It’s like you can’t have one without the other, you know? Like I’m equal parts God and the Devil, a cloak of shame covers this man and only supreme light will wash my body clean. But how could that light possibly reach me with the thick clouds of indecency that surround my poor soul? So I carry my wrong doings on my back, like some kind of tormented hiker. Lost in the hills of misfortune, looking desperately for that peak, to rescue him from the valley of depraved habitual self pleasuring but again I find nothing. Except for sweaty devastated loneliness and a thousand judging eyes staring back from the cover of a stolen Victoria Secrets catalogue. I didn’t take your mail Mrs. Pemberton! Stop asking me that. Leave me alone! I don’t know. Satan’s pretty cool!

[Priya Mann:]
Now it’s important to know that the Satan statue will not stay here in Detroit, the Satanic Temple wants to take this statue to Arkansas, the state capital there, there is a monument to the Ten Commandments. They want to put the statue next to it as a form of protest. So again, the Satan statue will not stay here in Detroit. Reporting live, I’m Priya Mann, Local 4.

[Steve Garagiola:] Source: L Y B I O . N E T
All right, the controversy will move South.

Weird Satanist Guy

Weird Satanist Guy

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