Weird Al Yankovic Unboxing The 2015 Grammy


Weird Al Yankovic Unboxing The 2015 Grammy

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[Weird Al Yankovic Unboxing The 2015 Grammy]

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Hey, how you doing?

Okay, I thought I do an unboxing video to show you what you can expect when you open up the box with your 2015 Grammy Award.

This box came from NARAS, the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences. It just got to my house and the Grammy for like but almost three months ago. So if you can help it, try not to use NARAS as a delivery service. If you can get your Grammy off of Amazon instead I say go for it.

Thankfully the box comes with a fragile handle with care sticker, which was nice because the FedEx guy actually rang the doorbell instead of chucking it over the fence.

So hopefully this thing is still in one piece. Yeah, I don’t hear anything rattling around in there, so I think we’re good. Okay, let’s open up this bad boy, shall we?

Now you can use any sharp object to pierce the packing tape.

I’m using my running with scissors, scissors highly recommended, be very careful not to cut off your fingers.

Uh, [this packing won’t flip anymore], very good, okay. Ooh, oh, this is nice. Ha, a little Grammy Award Card, very sweet. I will read that later. Oh, it’s numbered, collect them all. Wow, 51615. That’s my favorite number.

Oh, beautiful, beautiful packing material. They do a class job on this, very – oh, look at this. I love it. I can make my own molds of Grammies from now on. I could start my own little Grammy factory, this will be great.

Ooh, and here it is, here is the actual, the actual Grammy, there it is.

Wow, Best Comedy Album 2014, so cool, nice trapezoidal base, beautiful.

You know, I’m really glad to see this Grammy is a one-piece award. A few decades back, Grammies would come in two separate pieces and you would have to screw them together yourself, but no more. NARAS has realized that Grammy winners can’t be bothered with screwing things together.

Come on, those are valuable seconds, who has time for that? So this is much appreciated, thank you NARAS. So nice solid one-piece award.

[Weird Al Yankovic:] Source:
One other thing, I should point out that this is not a working gramophone. A lot of Grammy winners try to actually play the little gold record on this award. And let me tell you from personal experience, um…it’s not going to happen. This is just an award. It’s not a working gramophone. So don’t even try, you’re going to look stupid, okay. On the bottom piece, uh… I love – I love this styrofoam and a nice solid box too. I can use this for eBay, for storing styrofoam peanuts, for small pets, a beautiful, beautiful cardboard box, just all around a beautiful, beautiful thing.

Um…okay so that’s it. You got your 2015 Grammy. It looks nice, right? Now you can put it up on your mantle for all to enjoy or just you know thrown it on the pile with all the other ones. Uh, there we go, all right. I hope you’ve enjoyed this unboxing video. Thanks for watching.

Weird Al Yankovic Unboxing The 2015 Grammy

Weird Al Yankovic Unboxing The 2015 Grammy

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