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We Are StFX

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[We Are StFX]

StFX is more than just a university. We’re place of purpose defined by many things. We are university as its meant to be.

We’re Xaverian’s

We’re a community.

A community that’s educated and empowered.

We embrace the good times and the bad times.

We’re scholars committed to the highest quality of academics.

We are social.

We play hard, but we work harder.

We are athletic.

We are inspired and we’re involved.

We are a leadership and creativity.

We’re a family of over 5,000.

With over 100 societies.

16 residences.

And 40 programs.

We are the third most recognized reign in the world.

We a place where professors know your name.

And we’re incredibly proud of our student’s achievements.

We teach students to think critically.

Yes. We have to leave for class early, because we run into too many people along the way.

And yes, the beach is just a five minute drive from campus.

We are place where pizza is eaten a lot.

Where gold is just as important as blue-and-white.

We’re a hockey house cups are kind of a big deal.

Where homecoming is like Christmas day.

Where prime ministers are created.

We are Canada’s strongest alumni network.

We are ready to make a difference in the world.

We are proud.

To be diverse.

To be inclusive.

To be accomplished.

To be small yet mighty.

We’re StFX.

We Are StFX

We Are StFX

St. Francis Xavier University: Home

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