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Watch My Job Interview

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[Frank:] Source:

[Interviewer:] Hi.

[Frank:] Hi, I’m Frank.

[Interviewer:] Okay. Alright um… Mr. Wilson thank you for meeting with me on such short notice, but Mark spoke to you a couple of days ago, and he thought that we’d give you a shot. We are looking for entrance for the fall semester, and I am looking at your resume right now, and it is very impressive. It says you have a GPA of 3.88, is that correct?

[Frank:] Yeah.

[Interviewer:] Is that weighted or unweighted?

[Frank:] I don’t know.

[Interviewer:] Does it include your AP courses, the extra credit you get through that or not?

[Frank:] Well, like, – yeah, those are classes I took, so yeah it would be counted.

[Interviewer:] Okay. Alright. Let’s just launch into this then. Can you tell me a little about what you like to do in your free time?

[Frank:] Mostly, just play video games and watch TV shows.

[Interviewer:] Is that it?

[Frank:] Well. Yeah. That’s all I’ve been doing for the summer so.

[Interviewer:] You’re not involved in any extracurricular activities or volunteer?

[Frank:] Not, not, recently.

[Interviewer:] Alright. But you have in the past?

[Frank:] Yeah. I did a Kenpo Karate.

[Interviewer:] Alright. Can you tell me about that?

[Frank:] I got a black belt. It’s like –

[Interviewer:] Alright. And how do you earn a black belt? How long did it take?

[Frank:] It took me four years. I just like – I learned like all the like techniques and forms I had to know, so like…

[Interviewer:] So you had discipline –

[Frank:] Sure.

[Interviewer:] – and it was probably pretty difficult right?

[Frank:] It wasn’t that difficult to be honest.

[Interviewer:] It wasn’t difficult, alright. Okay. And I also see that you worked at Meals on Wheels. How was that?

[Frank:] Hmmm… It was okay. The one reason I did it because like that we had to do forty hours, so…

[Interviewer:] Who have to do forty hours?

[Frank:] We had to do it.

[Interviewer:] Who?

[Frank:] Oh you mean like who made us to do it? The school, because we had to have forty hours to graduate…

[Interviewer:] I see Okay. Alright… alright… we’ll launch into the basic interview questions that if you don’t mind.

[Frank:] Right.

[Interviewer:] These were a little bit struck. I am very sorry, I may have to see this call. [interrupted] Alright Mr. Wilson can you tell me some of your strengths.

[Frank:] Um… um… I am good at Math.

[Interviewer:] You are good at Math. Right.

[Frank:] Yeah.

[Interviewer:] Alright, and then the flipside of the coin, what are some of your weaknesses?

[Frank:] Wait! What does that mean?

[Interviewer:] What is something that you are trying to work on, something you’re trying to improve?

[Frank:] Well, right now, not really anything.

[Interviewer:] Uh….

[Frank:] Source:
That’s kind of like a rude question though because you’re like implying that I’m weak?

[Interviewer:] No, I didn’t mean that at all. This is a very typical interview question, I am just trying to gauge what – what you want to improve upon and maybe see how that fits into this internship itself.

[Frank:] Well, right now I don’t need to improve on anything, I don’t think. So…

[Interviewer:] Well, everybody’s got to improve on something.

[Frank:] So, well I guess I don’t like working with customers.

[Interviewer:] Alright. But I don’t see any job experience in your resume, have you worked with customers in the past?

[Frank:] Um… Well no. But like, it’s just – it’s general knowledge like because a lot of – well because a lot of customers are dumb, so pretty much…

[Interviewer:] Alright, but – so you take it personally?

[Frank:] Well, yeah I guess. Sure.

[Interviewer:] Alright. Okay. Alright. So you are interested in the financial services then. Um… can you explain to me why exactly you want this internship?

[Frank:] Um… well because my uncle, he has this – he works there, so pretty much. I guess it will be cool to work with him too.

[Interviewer:] Okay. What do you want to get out – what do you want to learn, how do you want to grow through this internship?

[Frank:] Well, it’s a paid internship, right? So I just – I will get money, so that’s – that’s the main goal.

[Interviewer:] [Laughs] Alright. Never heard that before.

[Frank:] Well, if we’re going to be honest, it’s like everybody just wants to make money. So…

[Interviewer:] Yeah, money is important. Um… So can you tell me then where you’d like to be in your career five years from now after you’ve graduated?

[Frank:] Well, I am just – basically I’m just keeping my options open right now. So…

[Interviewer:] Okay, but your dream job. What would your dream job be? If you didn’t have to worry about how much they’re paying you, what would you like to be doing?

[Frank:] Probably, CEO of a company or like the President.

[Interviewer:] Well, realistically speaking that’s probably not going to happen in five years when you’re basic graduate.

[Frank:] Well, I don’t, because I am pretty sure I want to study finance, but I don’t know yet. So…

[Interviewer:] Alright. Are there any companies for in specific you would like to work for?

[Frank:] Source:
This one. I am just… yeah…

[Interviewer:] Right. Can you tell me why we should agree to hire you for this internship?

[Frank:] Because I have connections, because my uncle works there.

[Interviewer:] (Laughing)…

[Frank:] What?

[Interviewer:] How are you – how would you yourself contribute to the company?

[Frank:] Um… Um… by working for it, like isn’t that the whole point of like being hired just so you can help the company.

[Interviewer:] Yes, alright. [gasps]

[Frank:] Yeah.

[Interviewer:] What has been the most satisfying prep high school for you?

[Frank:] Graduating, just finally getting out of there.

[Interviewer:] You didn’t enjoy high school?

[Frank:] Not that much.

[Interviewer:] Are you looking forward to college?

[Frank:] I guess.

[Interviewer:] Is there anything you are planning on getting involved in, any clubs, any activities?

[Frank:] No, I don’t know what kind I haven’t like researched that yet, so I’ll find out.

[Interviewer:] Alright. Can you tell me what do you know about our company?

[Frank:] Um… I know that like you are, like one of the largest banks. So pretty much, like you’re – so there’s like job security, so – so it’s like good job to have.

[Interviewer:] In today’s age there is not a lot of job security in finance. I mean anything could happen in the next year.

[Frank:] Alright.

[Interviewer:] Um… so I wouldn’t say that, but for intern, I mean you don’t have to worry, even though it is a paid position we do keep – we do typically need interns during the fall semester, so it’s not a job that’s likely to get cut, so in that you are right –

[Frank:] Yeah… alright.

[Interviewer:] Source:
Ya, there is job security for entrance. I wish I could say the same for the rest of us. But you know that’s not necessarily the case. Um… can you tell me any projects you worked on in high school that you were the leader of and how it turned out?

[Frank:] I wasn’t really the leader, I just kind of like went along. So, we had to do um… in my biology class we had to do like a – I forget what ours was on, but we had to a poster and so…

[Interviewer:] [Laughs] And you didn’t lead that?

[Frank:] What?

[Interviewer:] You didn’t lead that?

[Frank:] No. That was just like an example, like a thing I have done, for. Why are you laughing?

[Interviewer:] [Laughs] Alright. Um… have you ever been on the team where one of the members of the team wasn’t doing their job? How did you handle that?

[Frank:] Like somebody else’s isn’t doing the job?

[Interviewer:] Somebody else is not doing their job, but they are on the same team as you.

[Frank:] Um… well, I’d just like try to kick them out of the group because they have to put in their fair share of work. So…

[Interviewer:] Right. What if you couldn’t kick them out?

[Frank:] Then just like; I don’t know, I never have been in that position, so I can’t really tell you.

[Interviewer:] Alright. How do you deal with criticism?

[Frank:] Well, I am fine with constructive criticism, but if it’s like frigging retarded then, it’s like why are you telling me this…

[Interviewer:] Can you give me example of?

[Frank:] So it depends.

[Interviewer:] Criticism that’s been frigging retarded.

[Frank:] Um… like if you’re just making fun of somebody basically…

[Interviewer:] Can you give me a concrete example from your past?

[Frank:] Like, calling me four-eyes because I wear glasses, that kind of stuff. That doesn’t really happen to me that often actually.

[Interviewer:] It doesn’t. Okay.

[Frank:] No.

[Interviewer:] So that’s not something from your past?

[Frank:] Well it’s happened a few times, and I get really pissed off, so…

[Interviewer:] Alright. Tell me – tell me about your proudest achievement.

[Frank:] Finishing high school probably. Because I know I wouldn’t have go back. So that was pretty exciting for me.

[Interviewer:] (Laughing).

[Frank:] What?

[Interviewer:] I am sorry. Oh… oh….

[Frank:] I really appreciate if you stop like insulting me, alright. Because this is…

[Interviewer:] I assure you Mr. Wilson that’s not my intention.

[Frank:] Why – why are you laughing, why did you, it’s frigging annoying. Nobody wants to listen to that.

[Interviewer:] Alright. Well Mr. Wilson this has been a very interesting interview, but I think I am going to have to call an end to our little discussion here.

[Frank:] What is that?

[Interviewer:] Um… I recommend that maybe you buy a book or consult with somebody that knows a little bit more about interviewing techniques because I think it’s something that you should work on – if you want to secure on internship for the fall semester. Um… we’re going to keep on considering candidates, looking at candidates, and you’ll probably receive an email from us in the next two to three months.

[Frank:] Alright. So but I can start working once I come to New York?

[Interviewer:] We are still looking at candidates, and we will let you know about whether this position has been filled within the next two to three weeks.

[Frank:] Alright.

[Interviewer:] Alright. That’s it. Thank you very much for meeting with me and have a good day.

[Frank:] Bye.

[Interviewer:] Source: L Y B I O . N E T

Watch My Job Interview

Watch My Job Interview

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