Warcraft Official Trailer


Warcraft Official Trailer

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[Warcraft Official Trailer]

For years, our world has been at peace. But something is coming. I can feel it. Dark forces are upon us.

Fall back!

Find these beasts or whatever they are.

Our world is dying, there is nothing to go back to. If our people are to survive, we must make our home here.

Whatever happens.

Whatever happens.

If we do not unite, our world will perish.

This doesn’t need to happen. There’s one who may help us.

For Orcs, there is no other life but war.

No, but with the human’s help, there could be.

Why are you here?

To save our people.

Can we trust him?

They are beasts. They should be all destroyed.

Are you sure about that?

We will protect the kingdom, you and I.

You would side with the humans against your own kind?

This is a suicide.

We have no choice.

We should attack with full force.

Whatever you plan to do, do it now!

Warcraft Official Trailer

Warcraft Official Trailer


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