Walter Lee Hampton II – Should Black Americans Celebrate The 4th Of July Holiday


Walter Lee Hampton II – Should Black Americans Celebrate The 4th Of July Holiday

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[Walter Lee Hampton II – Should Black Americans Celebrate The 4th Of July Holiday]

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Should Black Americans Celebrate The 4th Of July Holiday

Good morning, Facebook, family, and friends and YouTube subscribers, today is Monday July 6th, 2015. So you see this shirt, I hope you can see it. So the American flag. I purchased this shirt at all places of the Wal-Mart. I wasn’t here – I took my nephew looking for some fireworks and we ended up in Wal-Mart, where Wal-Mart has some cheaper prices for fireworks. And this is on Saturday, July 4. He wanted some fireworks up, went and purchased him some stuff.

And I purchased this shirt for about $6, $6 and some change, $6.99, or $7, I can’t remember. I saw this, okay, this is great little shirt with American flag on it. I went to a cook out and later that night, and I went out with some friends and I wore it to a little club and I took a picture leaving that club and I posted that picture of me in this shirt with American flag on later that night on July 4th.

I had never received so much hate mail in my entire life from other African-Americans saying I should not be wearing this shirt.

They say black folks should not celebrate the 4th of July, it is a holiday that was not meant for us.

I shouldn’t be having this American flag shirt on, on July the 4th. That I’m supporting racists, white people and I’m supporting white supremacy, these e-mails.

And I don’t know, it was almost if they pass that picture around to other people.

And a lot of people sent e-mails that I should take this picture down and not post it on my Facebook page, that the American flag does not represent African – black African-Americans who live in this country.

Well, [I don’t – indiscernible]. If I could go on to – if I – I print those e-mails and read you all the stuff that these people were saying. And I have lived in United States all of my life, here, I was born here. And it was the first time I’ve ever really heard of this type of stuff. And I think this is the problem I have a social media. Because you have a tendency to bombard you with hate filled e-mails out. Maybe I’m wrong. I grew up in Gary, Indiana, where every 4th of July, we would have picnics, barbecue, ribs. It was just a traditional holiday. Of course, there would be American flags everywhere, it would be fireworks. I never really looked at the 4th of July as a negative holiday towards African-Americans, until I got all these e-mails, and messages and I was bombarded with all this – this information.

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That makes – that makes it seem as though black people really shouldn’t participate in the 4th of July holiday. And I never really considered that in the past. I thought it was kind of sad because this is my take on this.

I – I was born here in the United States and no control over being born here in this country. I have no control over the issues that we’ve had in this country and continue to have today and in regards to racism and race related issues here in our country. But we can’t separate ourselves from United States. I don’t know too many black Americans who are able to pack up and go some place, because they want to get away from this American flag and get away from the country that you’re born in.

I think personally it’s just my take – my opinion. Think I would stay here and fight to correct these issues that we have here in the country, I was born in.

There is a reason why millions of African-Americans live in the United States, millions of Asians, millions of Koreans, millions of Hispanics. There is a reason this county is a melting pot of various people, from various races, and creeds, and backgrounds and religions, we have to accept that. As we know that our journey here in the United States of America – from generations of African-Americans have not had an easy time, it’s been difficult.

We’ve been raped, murdered, killed, used as slaves to build this country and not given are true respect and dignity.

The history books have ignored the important slaves at in building this country, we – this really ignored.

We don’t know everything that African-Americans have done because this history has been stolen. So we don’t know every thing black Americans have done for this country, because the information is not there.

So I understand the frustration, and I understand the anger that some black Americans have towards this flag that I’m wearing. But I don’t know if it’s wise for us to take this flag and threw it in a trash can and disregard it. You don’t have to embrace it, it’s just a flag. But I think we better start embracing where we live here in the United States and working hard to make corrections so that we can live here peacefully.

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I keep bringing the subject of gay marriage. The gay marriage, when I first heard about it in 1989, I was like, these people are crazy. Well now gay marriage is legal, nationwide or will be legal. It took work money – effort – lobbying – politicians – putting people in your corner to make your life easier.

African-Americans have got to participate in the American political process.

They must vote, run for office, get involved, not run from this, but embrace it, cause where are you going? Where are you going? This is your home.

You rather abandon your home, than stay here and correct the issues here in the United States, that our ancestors lived for and went through hell so that we can have a normal life somewhat normal nah.

I know racism exists in 2015. I know white supremacy is a issue, that white supremacy a Turkey subway sandwich with no mayonnaise, lettuce and tomatoes just a plain subway – that’s how I see white supremacy.

Now, some of the people do white supremacy completely different.

I refuse to buy into that theory of white supremacy but I know that they are some serious racial issues in our country. Based upon a whites, blacks, Hispanic, is there, I know this.

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There are some issues that we must acknowledge including myself I acknowledge it. But we can’t run from it.

We should be ashamed to wear this shirt that people died, because the – millions of African-Americans have died in this country. We’ve earned the right to wear this shirt. Some of you all might not understand that, because you never like this flag that have on my black skin. So my people will never accept the fact that I’m wearing flag. Like I got some weird looks from some white folks too.

I can’t stop the ignorance. Ignorance is going to exist into the day this world ends.

I don’t have the problem to being an American citizen and I accept my journey here in the United States. It is, what it is, it’s not something I have had any control over it.

So I accept being an American citizen. I accept being a Black American citizen here in the United States. This is my home, this is my country, this is where I was born. And I’m willing to fight for this country that I live in. I’m going to fight for my rights to live a normal life as a black gay man, in this country that I was born in.

And I hope that anybody that was born in this country, or whether you were not born here and you moved here after the fact – if you live here in this country now you have certain rights to live your life happily and freely, that’s as I see it. And that’s why I wore this shirt. That I picked it up at Walmart for about $10.

And actually, this is what, this shirt was actually, I believe it was made in America. I have to look at it again. I was trying to figure out the tag when I was putting it on – I was rushing – I said, uh… let me it off real quick –

I think this shirt is made in America let me see.

Let’s see where they made this shirt, Indonesia.

So that answers that question,

Wal-Mart sold me an American flag shirt made in Indonesia, typical. It was cheap. But I liked it.

I thought it looked very nice on me. So [lets] put my little shirt back on. So I do it right, where’s the sleeve of the shirt.

Uh… so if you like my lovely educational videos? If you like my videos please click like, I will love to hear you opinion about if should I wear this beautiful shirt, should black folks wear such shirts, should we embrace the American flag, should we run from it?

I don’t know what running from would achieve, since we are all here in the United States.

So it’s a lot to think about.

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I got all those messages and [it] made me think and kind of say it. But that’s their thought so I respect that and I hope they respect my opinion.

If you like my videos please put like and share them with family and your friends. And I kind of look forward to here what you all feel about African-Americans and the 4th July – 4th of July holiday. Should we celebrate it? Is it, okay? I celebrate Christmas and I don’t believe in Jesus Christ. Figure that one out.

Anyway, I’m out of here, enjoy your day.

Walter Lee Hampton II - Should Black Americans Celebrate The 4th Of July Holiday

Walter Lee Hampton II – Should Black Americans Celebrate The 4th Of July Holiday

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