Vladimir Putin Warns Americans You’re Being Distracted


Vladimir Putin Warns Americans You’re Being Distracted

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[Vladimir Putin Warns Americans You’re Being Distracted]

October 2016

YouTube: Inessa S

Yesterday, US Vice-President Joseph Biden promised to ‘respond to your actions’ and threatened cyber attacks against Russia.

[Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin:] Source: LYBIO.net
[Play on words] We know how to tell each other to **** off, don’t we!

Well this sounded like a very serious threat, at such a high level… I feel the threat was addressed to you personally. Do you think hacker attacks will be carried out against Russia? Thank you.

[Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin:]
We can expect absolutely anything from our American friends! But did he say anything new? Do we not know that US intelligence peeps on everyone and listens in on their [private] conversations? This is well known, its not a secret, plenty of evidence exits. Billions of dollars are spent to do this – the NSA, the CIA, not only is there evidence but also their own confessions about it. And the spy not only on their enemies, or those they perceive to be enemies, but also their closes allies! How many scandals have there been about the uncovering of surveillance over actual heads of state, of their allies! So what’s new here? Nothing.

Maybe the only new thing is that this was said at such a high level – not only did the US admit to being involved in this, but they threatened with it. This of course is not on par with established standards for international communications. They must be little nervous!

The question is – why?

I think there is an explanation for it.

You know – in the circumstances of a pre-electoral campaign, any party involved in this seeks to establish the tactics of said campaign. And each party, which is seeking to get elected, always faces one issue – the issue of unsolved problems. They should be able to show, or explain to its population why this or another problem was not solved…

The US has many such problems, more than enough. Even though it is a leading world ecology, a super power undoubtedly, but there are many unsolved problems.

For example – the massive government debt. This is a mine in slow motion – both for the economy of the US and the international financial system. Nobody knows what to do about it. Are they going to devalue the debt in the future? Or is there another solution? Nobody knows. That is just one example – I can name many examples. In foreign policy – the process toward peace in the Middle East has completely stalled, in a wide sense.

The Israel-Palestine conflict continues, relations between the US and their Middle Eastern allies have also come under strain. We won’t go there now, nitpicking. Those are their problems. My point is – there are many unsolved problems. This is where the well practiced system of distraction comes into play – to distract the voters from the country’s problems.

In my view, this is exactly what we are witnessing today. How is it done? Create an enemy and unite the nation against them. The ‘enemy’ in the form of Iran and its nuclear threat didn’t work very well, but the case of Russia this is a lot more interesting…

[Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin:] Source: LYBIO.net
This is the card that is actively being played right now. But as I said in a different forum, it is unfortunate that in order to avoid internal problems – relations with Russia are being put into jeopardy. It is of course harmful to international relations as a whole. It is my hope that after these debates are over, after this challenging period in internal US politics, there will be an opportunity to restore Russian-American relations.

[Inaudible Question]

[Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin:]
As I said at the beginning – we can expect absolutely anything from them!

Given they spy on everyone globally – they have some information, but it also gives rise to the ability for ‘compilation’. You can compile half-truths, you can compile quarter-truths, you can dilute the truth in order to manipulate public opinion in any one country..

Russia has not been an exception to this, Russia has always been the target of such attacks. we know this already [before Biden’s speech].

[Reporter (Alexander Unishev, Life News):]
Vladimir Vladimirovich, are you aware that you have appeared as a character in a new episode of The Simpsons? Where you call on people to vote for Trump? In real life – I know you’ve been asked this question many times – who is you preference? Clinton or Trump? And also the US Vice-President said that Russia “will not be able to influence the US election” – can you tell me honestly, are we trying to influence it? What’s in that for us?

[Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin:]
How did he phrase it exactly – that we “can’t influence it in any specific way.” The journalist should have double checked with him – “what about a non-specific way?” He actually admitted that we could if we wanted to. I’d like to calm everyone down – our American partners and friends. We have no intention of influencing the turn of events in the elections of the US. Our response is a simple one – we have no idea what will happen after the election of the new President.

So, Mrs. Clinton has chosen to take up a very aggressive stance against our country, against Russia. Mr. Trump, on the other hand, calls for cooperation – at least, when it comes to the international fight against terrorism. Naturally, we welcome those who would like to cooperate with us. And we consider it wrong, that we always have to be in conflict with one another, creating existential treats for each other and for the whole world. As well as fail in delivering results in the international fight against terrorism.

How will things be after the US elections? We don’t know. Would Presidential candidate Trump deliver on his views of cooperating with Russia? How far would he take those aspirations? Would Mrs. Clinton deliver on her threats and harsh rhetoric against Russia, if she became President? Or will she correct her position against us? We don’ know. But let me repeat that jeopardizing Russian-American relations in order to gain brownie points internally – I consider this to be harmful and counter productive. But this is not the first time. Have you analyzed the previous elections campaigns? This rhetoric only repeats itself.

And I’ve already said what they whisper into our ear: “Just wait this out, it will pass!” It’s not funny anymore – if somebody out there wants confrontation…This is not our choice, but this means that there will be problems. This is not what Russia wants – instead, we want to find our points of mutual agreement and solve global problems, that have both American and Russian interests at heart, as well as those of the whole world.

October 2016


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Vladimir Putin Warns Americans You're Being Distracted

Vladimir Putin Warns Americans You’re Being Distracted

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