Virtual Reality Festival


Virtual Reality Festival

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[Virtual Reality Festival]

So we’ve bought some virtual-reality glasses for our youngest son for him to go to some festivals this summer.

In the end that’s a lot safer than in real life.

Right, Kevin, with all those drugs, attacks and pre-check-ins and stuff.

Come on Kevin, put your glasses on, show it to the people.


There you go. Nice huh?

VirtualReality Mode

Kevin, are you having fun?


– What?!

Do you like it?

Yes, there is a big guy in front of me, so I can’t see everything that well.

VirtualReality Mode

Do you really have to be that close to the stage? A bit further is fine too, no?

Just let me go to the festival.

VirtualReality Mode

[Oasis Wonderwall]

Because maybe
You’re gonna be the one that saves me

And maybe…
You’re gonna wish you wanna save me

The Beatles.

Day two the field has become a mudpool.

There you go Kevin. Go have a blast!

VirtualReality Mode

Oh no… nothing wrong. These things happen.

It’s only IKEA.

Who we have there! The guys!

In a real moshpit it’s even more dangerous.

VirtualReality Mode

Ooh wee…

Kevin! Dude.

– Just a bit of French kissing… come on.

VirtualReality Mode

Just one finger.

Those are the summer vibes I think.

Just like his father.

VirtualReality Mode

Kevin… do you even eat healthy at those festivals??

Because I mostly see Pita, boy…

VirtualReality Mode


“Whores” he says… I’m just gonna write “GAY” on his forehead.

Because a mom only wants the best for her child.

VirtualReality Festivals

Soon available.


Virtual Reality Festival

Virtual Reality Festival

Virtual Reality Festival. Because a mom only wants the best for her child. Complete Comedy Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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