Videogamedunkey The Jontron Rant


Videogamedunkey The Jontron Rant

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[Videogamedunkey The Jontron Rant]

JonTron is a fuckin scumbag! Hey guys, it’s videogamedunkey here! You may remember me from my ‘dipshit’ vidoes where I make fun of retarded people.

Now, I held off on making this video for years because personally I am a huge fan of JonTron, I think his videos are incredible but this man is a fuckin’ hypocrite piece of shit, rat bastard!

Just look at his new ‘Hercules’ video [Hercules Games – JonTron].

It’s basically a shot-for-shot recreation of my classic ‘2007 video ‘Dunkulees’.

[Dunkulees (2007)]

This game is actually friggin’ awesome.

[Hercules Games – JonTron (2013)]

This game is actually friggin’ awesome.

[Dunkulees (2007)]

Awesome music, responsive controls. Danny DeVito!

[Hercules Games – JonTron (2013)]

Awesome music, responsive controls. Danny DeVito!

It was around this time, I started seeing a darker side to JonTron.

I started noticing these violent outbursts.

[Ethan Klein (h3h3)]
Good game, buddy!

I don’t want it, damn it!

Disgusting way he treated the people closest to him. Then, last week he leaves this comment.

Fuck you dunkey, I do not watch your videos because you are black.

And my heart just sank into my stomach. He wrote: Fuck you dunkey, I do not watch your videos because you are black.

Now, I always knew it was a racial thing between me and him. But look at this comment he made a year ago on my ‘Dracula’ video.

Hey dunk! I’ve seen all your videos. Each one of them is amazing in their own way. You’re an inspiration and I love you man.

Well, which one is it JamJon! Because if you have really seen all my videos then you would of realized during my ‘500K Subs Face Reveal!’ that I am actually of Puerto Rican descent oooooo….. once second he loves you and then he hates you!

One second you’re laughing it up! Playing Mario Bros. on the couch then you’re dying on the floor as he stands over you laughing at your pain.

And then it hit me!~

The bearded man; the warm lovable face we all know. This man is not JonTron… he is actually a paid actor by the name of Timonthy Brentwood, a mere pawn brought in by actual JonTron to fabricate a more comforting human presence that the everyday man can relate to.

Which brings up to the million dollar question?

So who is Jontron?

Who is Jontron, actually?

He’s the fuckin’ bird people.

“Say the lines right or you won’t have a family to go back to”

The bird is JonTron.

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Videogamedunkey The Jontron Rant

Videogamedunkey The Jontron Rant

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