Valve’s Lead Developer Talks About The Revolver


Valve’s Lead Developer Talks About The Revolver

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[Valve’s Lead Developer Talks About The Revolver]

So. It’s been a while since we’ve put out a major update for CS:GO.

I asked our game developers. Guys! HEY!

Holiday season’s coming up!

Let’s go!

We have to ship out the winter update as soon as possible!

They said they had a great idea.

A new weapon. Apparently they’ve been playtesting a revolver to replace the deagle. I tried it out. It takes one shot to kill people at any range. [LAUGHS] ONE SHOT. [LAUGHS] ONE SHOT. It doesn’t even have to be a headshot, body shots are one hit kill as well. [LAUGHS] ONE SHOT. [LAUGHS] And the best part is. It’s available to both teams and only costs $850. So you can buy it every round and out pick AWPs with it. After we added the CZ-75 and Tec-9 we thought we’d go all out with this one. We even added skins — [LAUGHS] By the way… it has perfect running accuracy, too. [LAUGHS] You can run around like an idiot and pretend you have a railgun. [LAUGHS] ONE SHOT. Most people aren’t even buying rifles anymore, the revolver is all you need. [LAUGHS] You should go in any game, it’s like the wild wild west out there. [LAUGHS] [LAUGHS] [HYSTERICAL LAUGHTER] People are begging for the new de_nuke but we gave them a revolver. [HYSTERICAL LAUGHTER] I don’t even know. But really. Really. Joking aside. We’ve. We’ve. We’ve been reading all the community feedback on this update. We hear your complaints. [LAUGHTER] We’re releasing a hotfix– [HYSTERICAL LAUGHTER] Not yet though. Maybe in a few weeks… We’re first going to wait for everyone to pay a shitload of money to buy skins. [HYSTERICAL LAUGHTER] And another… And another thing— We also increased the round timer to 1:55 and the bomb timer to 40 seconds. People have been complaining the CTs have too big of an advantage on maps like inferno. So we just increased the round timer.

For the majors, too?


Valve's Lead Developer Talks About The Revolver

Valve’s Lead Developer Talks About The Revolver

Valve’s Lead Developer Talks About The Revolver. We’re releasing a hotfix– [HYSTERICAL LAUGHTER]. Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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