UXC Oxygen What Our Customers Think


UXC Oxygen What Our Customers Think

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[UXC Oxygen What Our Customers Think]


Our role is to help organisations be the best they can be. To use technology, to win, to improve the lives of their customers.


“We have gained a number of extremely pleasing tangible and intangible business benefits thanks to the UXC Oxygen’s on time and on budge implementation.”
Jonathon Thrope
ERP/BI Manager

“This was a bespoke technical upgrade and required expert personnel to complete successfully. I commend UXC Oxygen on the quality of the consultants they supplied.”
Gerald Gutierrez, SAP Support Manager
Office of Environment and Heritage NSW

“UXC Oxygen had a deep understanding of the SAP functional landscape and clear understanding of our accounting requirements. It was the right combination for the job.”
John McCallum
Manager – Finance Improvement, Jemena

“Selecting UXC meant we would call on the robust SAP experience of UXC Oxygen, who not only implemented the SAP ERP solution but gave us the tailored learning we needed to ensure that the system was accepted and understood throughout the company.”
Sean Craughwell
Program Manager, Graincorp

“Metcash and UXC Oxygen partnered very effectively on this project. It was true team-based effort with everyone pitching in to get the job quickly and efficiently.”
Robert Morris
Project and Support Manager – Finance Systems
Metcash Trading Ltd

“We selected UXC Oxygen for this programme of work because they displayed the deepest understanding of what we wanted to achieve and had customer experience relevant to our industry to back it up.”
Mike Rawson
IS Manager, DB Breweries

“UXC Oxygen’s consultants provided key training and knowledge transfer which allowed our project team to understand the impact of the business process design decisions.”
Jeff Gradin, Systems Development & Business Improvement
Pacific Hydro

“We selected UXC Oxygen because of how well they understood our business, the quality of resources it had available and its breadth of experience.”
JP, Financial Controller, Proform Plastics

“It was a demanding project due to the range of requirements that needed addressing. UXC Oxygen provided expert assistance and helped deliver an excellent result.”
Mary-Louise Angwin, Project Manager, Business Intelligence.
Biosecurity NSW

UXC Oxygen What Our Customers Think

UXC Oxygen What Our Customers Think

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