UPS Sold My Motor On eBay


UPS Sold My Motor On ebay

UPS Sold My Motor On eBay

UPS Sold My Motor On eBay

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[UPS Sold My Motor On ebay]

[Rob Dahm:] Source:
And I’m honor of all you guys that purchased shirts and have supported me throughout this, I’m humbled to show you this: the core of my turbo 4 rotor.

Now before I go off on how UPS is absolutely a terrible company and sold my motor on eBay, let me show you how I positively vented by anger by making a little video on what it feels like to finally have this motor back in my arms.

[The Lost And The Furious – Short Film By Rob Dahm]

It started as a goofy dream, turned into a passion, almost an obsession. And although life has thrown me a few challenges, I’ve grown. Is it foolish that I’m this passionate about a piece of metal? You’ll see.

[Rob Dahm:]
Two, three weeks ago I released a video that went viral enough, no, it didn’t go millions of views, but it did the two goals that I had in mind.

One, it got UPS’s attention. Sadly, that’s what it took, executing a UPS employee on screen to get their attention.

And two, it got your guys’ attention.

And because of both of those, the motor is in my hands. Literally, you guys watching the video, I got tons of messages afterwards saying, hey, here’s your 4 rotor. Hey, look at this 4 rotor. It got people talking.

Now some of the people are joking around saying, oh, look at, Mad Mike stole your motor, ha, ha, a scoot stole your motor. You know, there’s a couple of 4 rotors out there. But what was very important is one of you, Able, messaged me and said, hey man, I’ve seen eBay auction with your motor in it.

Genuine Mazda RX-7 Housings For 4-Rotor Kit 86-88

Genuine Mazda RX-7 Housings For 4-Rotor Kit 86-88

And I was like, aw, dude, no, that’s just incredulous, so a week after the video launched. I look at the auction. First, for some reasons that was split up into two.

Genuine Mazda RX-7 Housings For 4-Rotor Kit 86-88 (Part 2)

Genuine Mazda RX-7 Housings For 4-Rotor Kit 86-88 (Part 2)

And sure enough it was almost identical to my motor. So the first thing I did, very calmly, messaged the shop and said, ‘hey, can you look at this auction and confirm without a shadow of a doubt that it is my motor.’ Let me show you the smoking gun.

This little guy right here is the front counter weight. It’s a piece that I had machined. There are only four of these in the world. The shop has not created anymore.

Two of them are in Mad Mike’s cars and one of them is in Defined Autoworks’ car.

The fourth one is mine. So with that in mind I had a friend, who I sent the friend money and had them purchased the eBay auction sight unseen. And then like any rational person I got the cops involved because clearly this person has my stolen motor. My motor is sitting out at some metal recycling fenced shop in Missouri and I got the state troopers to help me with this.

At the same time, UPS gotten in touch with me. No, not to help with the insurance claim; no, not to help find the fucking motor, but to tell me take the video down.

My simple response was I’ll gladly take the video down, I got you on the phone, but I’ll gladly take the video down, you get me either A, my motor or B, the money you know – that comes from the insurance from your losing it, I’ll be happy. In comes this eBay auction and some one on the phone with UPS and says, hey guys, just wanted to let you know, you did internal theft, I’m getting the motor seized by the police right now. Thank you for your wonderful service.

They had the audacity, the incredulous other – the thesaurus words I can’t even think of because how angry I am to say: ‘no, hold on, don’t have the motor seized, he owns it legally’.

You can’t find my motor, you can’t tell me where my motor is, you can’t tell me what happened, you can’t ensure me with it, but you can sure as hell tell me that, ‘oh, no, no, no we auctioned it off to him, that man is the rightful owner of your motor as of right now’.

I just purchased my motor for a second time. Thank you UPS.

[Rob Dahm:] Source:
If you guys have a chance to take a look at the eBay auction, you’ll notice that this seller is a very upstanding guy, so much so that he got me a little bit more information.

The package was put on some auction by UPS as unclaimed merchandise. How the fuck can I unclaim a merchandise when you guys never even looked for it.

Immediately after the motor was sent from New Zealand, I asked the shop for tons of pictures because I’m a person in front of a camera, I want pictures of the motor and I’m excited as hell that I’m a having custom engine built.

I sent those pictures to UPS immediately, they had pictures of what the outside of the crate look like, they had pictures of this, the inside of the crate; how it was packaged, it was never opened.

The packaging slip for my box was still in the outside of the package. How can you tell me that I didn’t want to claim my own package when it never made it to me?

If you were to open that package, even if you were to give a half-ass attempt and just look at it, the irons, these pieces right here, the intermediate pieces on the motor had serial numbers, had product numbers. There were plenty enough to identify my motor. Oh, but wait, there was a packaging slip inside of the box. Yeah, thanks UPS. Thanks so much.

Let’s be rational for a second, that’s that motor, let’s pretend that it was dropped. Let’s pretend that some guy inside the warehouse is running a forklift, dropped the motor and broke it, it happens. I’m a business person, nobody is perfect. The next best thing is to insurance the package, issue a claim, isn’t that right? I’m sure a handful of you guys from UPS, issue a claim, that’s what you did, immediately. UPS issued a claim immediately. Great, professional.

As of this, six months later, look at this, we were still fighting them to get half of what the motor was worth. Now the shop messed up, let’s be honest, but it doesn’t effect what happened here.

The shop insured the motor for a half of what I paid for, much less than half. He couldn’t even get that money from UPS. You guys were fucking me over the whole time. The whole time, I never once got a single dollar from insurance because you know what?

The shop stood up for their mistake and say, hey, you know what? If I get this $4,000, I will eat shit and rebuild you the motor because I’m a professional individual and I’ll do good work. That’s what the shop in New Zealand did.

So what’s UPS willing to do at this point?

[Rob Dahm:] Source:
I’m talking to a gentleman, named Doug, who’s – if Doug, if you watch this you’re being very professional, I appreciate that, but the problem is you guys are treating it as if giving me the $6500 for the eBay auction is taking care of me or is getting me back, hey, here we got your back. That’s absolutely absurd. Much less, you still charge me almost $1,000 to ship the fucking package that I never got, and I’m having to fight to even get that money back that you’ve literally never accomplished, you never produced your work.

Now, if I was UPS and I’m far, far smaller and far less profitable of a business than you, every time I’m fucked up like that I’d pay 100% of it. I drop it; I replace it, that’s simple. I take care of my customers.

Now that’s simply could have just been the fucking insurance claim. You didn’t do that.

If I was UPS, I would pay for the motor. We’ve got this guy that’s on a fucking camera talking, he’s got audience, I don’t even use you guys. I don’t even use my audience that way, I have never asked anybody to e-mail UPS. I have never asked anybody to do that. I’m not making you my personal army. I’m literally saying, UPS, you’ve an opportunity to take a negative, a guy who’s angry at you. And if you just sent me a couple of bucks like doesn’t even have to be — whether you pay me for the – you know, reimburse for the fucking and – the shipping, just shipping it, I’d be one of your greatest spokes people saying, ‘hey, UPS took care of me, they went above and beyond’, and you’ve completely fucked up that opportunity.

Without sweeping the UPS shit under a rug because if you forget about it, they will forget about it and they’re happy to do that.

Let’s look at the positives.

[Rob Dahm:] Source: L Y B I O . N E T
I have the core of my motor. Yes, it’s a year late, but if you want to watch a turbo 4 rotor, a more than 1,000 horsepower to the wheels car being built, this is the channel for it. I’m going to share it with you how the whole process has done and of course obviously the challenges almost like a reality TV show, but it’s not scripted, but seeing all the challenges as they occur and how we accomplish them. So that’s what’s coming up now and that’s the beginning of my 4 rotor build.

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