Uni Bayreuth Flashmob


Uni Bayreuth Flashmob

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[Uni Bayreuth Flashmob]

That’s why you don’t buy books?
Now I know, why there are so many students here today!
That made me wonder even more at the beginning.
I thought, why do they come back?
Do you also want a beer?
To be honest – Okaaaay.
I don’t really like beer.
I used to do this in the past.
When I lived in Oberbayern.
‘Cause beer is better there.
However I gave it up, when I moved to Harz.
‘Cause beer is fairly bad there.
Where did you get this from?
I won’t redeem this pledge… greate dude!
What is he doing?

original unverfalcht und mit dem Gewissen Humor


According to the German purity law.
From the Internet?
Thaaank you!
This is for my wife.
She adores beer.
In the restaurant it goes like this:
We order wine and beer.
The beer is given to me, the wine to my wife.
Then we swap it.
At least I can lubricate my voice now.

und weils so schön war… noch mal :)

Uni Bayreuth Flashmob

Uni Bayreuth Flashmob

Uni Bayreuth Flashmob. Prosit! Do you also want a beer? Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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