Uncontacted Amazon Tribe First Ever Aerial Footage


Uncontacted Amazon Tribe First Ever Aerial Footage

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[Uncontacted Amazon Tribe First Ever Aerial Footage]

José Carlos Meirelles is on his way to the remote headwaters of the Envira River in Brazil. The dense Amazon forests below are home to one of the last un-contacted tribes left on earth. Meirelles works for Brazil’s Indian Affairs Department and his job is to monitor the tribe’s lands for signs of invaders.

[José Carlos Meirelles:]
We know so little about these peoples. It’s even difficult to convince governments that they exist.

But the pressures on these forests are growing and Meirelles knows that he has to convince those who doubt the tribes live here at all.

[José Carlos Meirelles:]
You’ll have to make a turn now.

For the first time, he’s allowed a BBC film crew to travel with him. Powerful zoom lenses will allow them to film from a kilometer away and minimize disturbance.

[José Carlos Meirelles:]
Without proof they exist, the outside world won’t support them. One image of them has more impact than a thousand reports.

Their gardens are full of manioc, their main food. They’re also growing bananas and papaya. When there are hundreds of annatto trees, the tribe makes bright red body paint from the crushed seeds. Meirelles has been monitoring this tribe for 20 years, but he fears their lives are about to change for the worse. Illegal logging across the border in Peru is forcing uncontacted tribes there to flee.

[José Carlos Meirelles:]
All of a sudden, uncontacted Indians who aren’t from the area have started to appear here. Where can they go? They come here. There’s nowhere else.

But instead of expelling the loggers, Peru’s government has suggested that uncontacted tribes don’t exist at all.

[José Carlos Meirelles:]
I know this footage is the only way to convince the rest of the world that they are here. If illegal loggers or minters contact these people, they won’t shoot images, they’ll shoot guns.

And it’s not just violence that puts uncontacted people at risk. Viruses, like the common cold, can kill them and even wipe the tribes out completely.

[José Carlos Meirelles:] Source: L Y B I O . N E T
They should be free to choose whether to make contact or not. We have to protect the land and keep out invaders. That’s the only way they will survive. There’s no other way.


Uncontacted Amazon Tribe

Uncontacted Amazon Tribe



Uncontacted Amazon Tribe First Ever Aerial Footage. Viruses, like the common cold, can kill them and even wipe the tribes out completely. Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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