Trumpet From A Tube


Trumpet From A Tube

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[Trumpet From A Tube]

Well I am going to show you on a very primitive piece of equipment, now this is a piece of vinyl hose that you can buy at Lowe’s. I think I bought this at Lowe’s not too long ago and it is a vinyl tubing. Its for those of you who might be interested it is three eights inch inside diameter but basically when you take a mouthpiece and put it in the length of tubing it will resonate on certain notes and I will show you how that works.

Here is a mouthpiece alone [sound], but when you put it in a piece of tubing it comes out like this. [trumpet sound]

And then what this is just a plastic funnel but this is just like the bell on the brass instrument and what this is like a megaphone. It actually takes that same sound and makes it louder. [trumpet louder sound]

Now that is basically the mechanics in playing a brass instrument or any instrument that uses a mouthpiece. You have the mouthpiece creates the buzz the tubing resonates on certain notes that we call the harmonic series and then we have on it a bell which actually makes it louder so that the sound projects a longer distance.

Trumpet From A Tube

Trumpet From A Tube

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