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Triton Gills

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[Jeabyun Yeon (Founder):]
Hi, my name is Jeabyun Yeon, I’m designer and founder of TRITON.

Triton is the result to find solutions for an innovative breathing system in the water.

Triton can be used for watersports like snorkeling and Triton can also be the perfect tool for lifeguard at the beach or at rescue boats.

This types of breathing system has been seen in moives and with the latest technology.

Thunderball 1965

We made it to a real functional product.

It’s a product that has infinite potentials that can change our future how we breathe underwater.

Today we can actually say that we are proud to be the first company that made the first functional artificial gills breathing system that people around the world can use for advanced snorkeling or use professionally.

To breathe underwater we must learn how to use complicated oxygen respirator.

But what if we could stay underwater for a long time through an easy way.

The solution is Triton.

Action in swimming pool

[Saeed Khademi (Co-Founder):]

It allows us to breathe under water for a long time by simply biting it.

Triton is the compact artificial gills breathing system that has been created by various technologies.

Our artificial gills developed with microporous hollow fiber are smaller than water molecules and it can extract the oxygen from water.

Microporous Hollow Fiber
Extracted Oxygen

It’s a connector that has special compound on the inside. That blends the oxygen with compound by chemical way.

Our micro battery is modified lithium-ion battery that allows us to swim under water with Triton maximum 45 minutes.

The whole process of Triton works with our micro compressor.

It’s a low power electric component that’s controlled with sensitive sensors.

It compresses oxygen and storage the extracted oxygen in a storage tank.

The experience with Triton will be amazing.

Action in beach

You can enjoy further advanced snorkeling under water like never before.

We hope our product will bring new and fun memories for you that will last forever.

Thank you for watching our campaign video.


Triton Gills

Triton Gills

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April 13, 2016

txt29 @ 1:52 pm #

Unfortunately, this is a blatant ridiculous scam debunked million times all over the web, but in case you did not see it yet, you can find the evidence for example here:

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