Tribute To Steve (Steven) Ross Son Of Bob Ross


Tribute To Steve (Steven) Ross Son Of Bob Ross

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[Tribute To Steve (Steven) Ross Son Of Bob Ross]

[Robert Norman “Bob” Ross (October 29, 1942 – July 4, 1995):]
Steve’s been painting since he was about 12 years old and I think you’ll find he is absolutely fantastic. Steve welcome to this show today.

[Steve Ross:]
Thanks Dad.

I’ll tell you what, I’m going to turn it over to Steve and I’ll see you later. Son do a nice painting for everyone.

[Steve Ross:] Source:
Okay. Pound into that brush real good. Get tough with it right from the beginning. I’m going to try to make some sort of cloudy shapes up here to start with. Be real rough on it. When you are doing a large painting like this, it’s a really good idea to have a sturdy easel like this one.

Pound in the liquid white and work your way up. Push nice and hard. You know if your wrists wore out, by the time you keep on doing this, you did something right.

Just gee wiz just go in and take a little bit of Prussian blue and a little bit of white, it can be dirty white and it don’t have to be clean.

Oh, yeah, right. Sure, tell me more. It makes me feel real good inside. That’s the funniest way to do it.

Watch how I push this brush up, just like this. Push it into the paint. Real long and flat strokes, okay. Here there is one right here, now push up, push up on that brush. Just go back and forth like a “Z” push it, pushing up.

Here we go.

You’ll catch me making sound effects here and there, that’s really good. You know if, sometimes if you make a little sound effect, to go along with something it helps you remember that. Then you can just do-do-do-it or whatever it pops right out. And I say large I mean it.

Two inch, right in there, push up on it, look at that. Smash in it right there. Right there into the camera there.

Fee wiz that will wear your arm out. Just go up in there little bit higher when you are pulling; just wing it.

Gladius is definitely an artist, a Van Dyke brown, touch right here, just pull out, that’s it.

Look at that, well that turned out into a super color. See I just guessed and it came out like that. Well I just played with it and suddenly things just start to happen for you.

Smash a little bit of that in the right hand side. That’s getting bigger all the time. Oh, no, it’s huge.

Look at that? It’s a monster. And I got to keep the confidence up. Tell yourself you’re good. And then nice big one, here we go. All the way down to the bottom, always give it a friend, moving from the other side, fatten them up a little bit, feed him some more lasagna. Smash that titanium white out like that. Just pull in, pull in.

That’s what’s nice, you’re not committed or anything with this. You do anything you want, and it’s always going to look nice because you did and you’re wonderful. You have to believe that. Okay. Now she is getting pretty close now.

Good luck.

Tribute To Steve (Steven) Ross Son Of Bob Ross

Tribute To Steve (Steven) Ross Son Of Bob Ross

Tribute To Steve (Steven) Ross Son Of Bob Ross. I got to keep the confidence up. Tell yourself you’re good. Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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