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Tree T Pee The Smart Choice

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[Tree T Pee The Smart Choice]

The Smart Choice

Take a closer look at Tree T-Pee, this revolutionary product is changing the citrus industry. A Tree T-Pee serves several objectives. The cone shape tree guard made of recycled plastic is positioned at the base of young trees. The product, which has been on the market since 1986, has been getting considerable notice.

Tree T-Pee benefits include, water conservation, protects and helps with frost protection, fuel and fertilizer use reduction and increase growth by promoting root growth.

Tree T-Pee was created by Johnny Georges, an Arcadia, entrepreneur and inventor. Georges grew up around citrus in Polk County before moving to Arcadia. And he knows the industry well. His passion is to help the industry and to provide a conservation solution.

During irrigation, water loss on tree not using a Tree T-Pee

[Johnny Georges (Tree T-Pee Inventor):]
The development of the Tree T-Pee came from the farmer himself, he comes to me and says, how can we afford not to use one with fossil fuel, fertilizer, herbicide and all we’re doing today, we’re fighting grainy, we’re fighting canker and we need a better way.

In addition to using Tree T-Pees in the citrus industry, peach and jatropha growers are now using them as well. And other water conscious states like California and Texas are expressing interest. Georges owns the patent and the mold. They’re made from recycled plastic and have a life span of 20 plus years.

[Ed Norris (3-N Groves):]
They’re really good on cold protection night, because they hold like a fog inside the T-Pee and let the stain come up through the top. And also in the summertime, like this block right here, you can irrigate – irrigate this grow for at least one hour minimum time and you can shut your pump off. There’s plenty of moisture inside that T-Pee.

[Ben Norris (3-N Groves):]
As growers we look for products that enhance our investment and the Tree T-Pee fits that – fits that bill very good.

[Kevin Sanders (Sorrells Grove Care):] Source:
With our operation when it comes to using Tree T-Pee it helps us save money on water. And nowadays saving money is the same as making money.

[Matt Moye (Citrus Solutions):]
The advantages of using the T-Pees basically creates a mini greenhouse type environment, holds your moisture, and your water and you can definitely grow a tree, a young tree, faster using less water by using the Tree T-Pee.

[James Williams, Jr. (Williams Farms):]
Good moisture, good moisture under there. Really dried up on the top, up here. All the moisture is staying up under this. Therefore we are not watering all the grass, and weeds, and everything like that and the water is staying up under the bottom of the trees. We only watering a 24-inch diameter area instead watering 10-foot.

The citrus industry has been a longstanding, important economic engine for the State of Florida. Citrus growers are stewards of the land, innovators and adaptors. This product complements the spirit of the industry and has proven results in conservation.

Tree T Pee The Smart Choice

Tree T Pee The Smart Choice

Tree T-PEE – Save Water. Save Money. Grow Stronger.

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