Tommy Edison – Blind Man Vs. The ATM


Tommy Edison – Blind Man Vs. The ATM

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[Tommy Edison – Blind Man Vs. The ATM]

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[Tommy Edison]
I gotta go to the bank, and grab a little bit of money.

[Tommy Edison]
(Tommy live) How am I supposed to do this now – like this? So, what we’re gonna do is go to the ATM.

[Tommy Edison]
(Tommy live) It doesn’t give me much time. Why didn’t that work? Oh. I got a pair of headphones with me, so I can plug in. Plug ’em in, standard headset jack. It’s on the ATM for spoken instructions. It takes a little bit longer for me than sighted people.

[Tommy Edison]
(Tommy live) It tells me to plug them in, but it doesn’t tell me where to plug them in. Take cash below – that doesn’t work. Jack. Ring-a-ding-ding.

[Tommy Edison]
(Tommy narrating) Normally, when there’s – like there’s little circle around the headphone jack or something. It’s pretty recognizable.

[Tommy Edison]
(Tommy live) Jack below. There. No? And you know, when the braille says “right below”, I’m thinking right below. But it was a couple of things below.
Way below, like down here below? No. Maybe down there below? Why would they put that up there for that? What the – why is it so complicated for me?
Why can’t I find the stupid hole? Oy vey.

[Tommy Edison]
(Tommy narrating) The simplest thing in the world, but I couldn’t find it because it was sort of camouflaged. I promise you, it was camouflaged.

[Tommy Edison]
(Tommy live) There’s a hole there with nothing, there’s nothing in between the holes.

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(Tommy narrating) I just started to push the headphone in, just randomly, into places – just push, push push.

[Tommy Edison]
(Tommy live) …as is that. Nothing plugs in anywhere. Unless it plugs in there. Oh, it scared me. Wow, it doesn’t feel like a hole at all, does it?

(ATM) This ATM provides spoken instructions for your convenience.
For a tutorial, press enter on the keypad.
Hopefully, nobody’s gonna be impatient, and be banging on the door….
“Come on, already, hurry up!”

(ATM) The keypad is located to the lower left of the headphone jack,
approximately 7 inches at 7 o’clock.
One time I was at an ATM, and this woman just being as loud as can be,

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(ATM) The keypad consists of 16 keys.
There are 4 rows of keys with 4 keys on each row.
The left 3 columns of keys are identical to a telephone keypad,
with the number 1 in the upper left.
I was like, you know what lady, I can’t see, alright? Calm down.
I’ll be out of here in a min – I’m trying to catch a train.
(ATM) Insert your card with the raised print facing up.
into the left side of the slot.
Please enter your pin using the keypad.
[keypad beeping]

(ATM) Select enter to continue.
[more beeping]

(ATM) Enter
For withdrawal, press enter.
Normally when you enter numbers, like if you do it on a phone, they want it in dollars and cents.
Like, say you want 400 dollars, you go “four double zero double zero”

(ATM) Four zero zero zero zero
Enter. You have exceeded the limit that this ATM can dispense.
I took off the 2 zeros…
(ATM) Four zero zero

[Tommy Edison]
(Tommy) Let’s try this.
[cash dispenser wheels spinning]
There we go.
So now I have money. So now we can go have a couple of refreshments.

(ATM) Thank you.

[Tommy Edison] Source:
(Tommy) Thank you.
♪ [bumper music]

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