Tommy Cash Prorapsuperstar


Tommy Cash Prorapsuperstar

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Tommy Cash Prorapsuperstar

Tommy Cash Prorapsuperstar

[Tommy Cash Prorapsuperstar]


Real proffesional rapsuperstar presents
Original master

Throw your junk in the trunk its ride or die
riders never die we just multiply
Leave no survivors hold the fame in my anus
the world is mine i penetrate it with my both hands
Can be a rapsuperstar so easy
count all this cheddar sign all the titties
not forget the lyrics change all the physics
Damn it feels good to be a ganksta

I draw masterpieces
My chick is a canvas and the brush is my penis
my hands are golden so draw like jesus leave your legs open
Ill take u to venus still wearing socks classic 3 stripes adidas
They will never see us Cuz im faster then light and i reach deeper

d deeper d deeper

da davai…

N beat start bopping hear boy

cho nu tak (reload)
cho nu tak (reload)

U r always on my mind like my password
i poke u so much ill make ur ass hurt
lets login together and unplug forever
internet exploras the future is above us
Take off like a rocket always hold my d in my pocket
real thug limit crasher the beat masher a rare mashup
never will pass up
crush it it down my fingers full of cristal
lick the blunt the taste is to blissful
open my chakras i turn into a cyclops
my name is cash tommy
this is for you suckers


GIF VISUALS (Sander Joon, Mikk Mägi)

Tommy Cash Prorapsuperstar Lyrics

Tommy Cash Prorapsuperstar Lyrics

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