Tomi Lahren On Colin Kaepernick


Tomi Lahren On Colin Kaepernick

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[Tomi Lahren On Colin Kaepernick]

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Welcome back. Oh Colin Kaepernick, I’ve got some final thoughts for you, bud.

See, our buddy Colin decided not to stand for the National Anthem because well this – he will not stand to show pride in a flag or a country that oppresses black people. For him it’s bigger than football, he would be selfish to look the other way.

After all according to Kaepernick there are bodies in the street and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder. So let me go ahead and eviscerate this mouth diarrhea for you sentence by sentence here we go.

Colin, I support the First Amendment, I support your right to free will of speech and expression, go for it bud. It’s this country, the country that you have so much disdain for that allows you the right to speak your mind. It protects your right to be a whiny indulgent attention-seeking crybaby. It also protects my right to shred you for it.

See the National Anthem in our flag they are not symbols of black America, white America, brown America or purple America for that matter. There are patriots of every race that have fought and died for this country and we honor the flag and sing the Anthem as a reminder. And Colin, if this country disgusts you so much; leave. I guarantee there are thousands and thousands of people around the world that would gladly take your spot. Because those that don’t live under this flag are banging on the door to get in not get out, remember that.

Is our country perfect? No. But what have you done to make it better? What’s your contribution? Sitting there like a fool? What selfish is you buddy and what’s your message to black kids to people of color that their biggest contribution to justice and self-fulfillment is to parade around with a chip on their shoulder like a victim.

And Colin, how dare you sit there and blame white people for the problems of minority communities. After all aren’t you half white, didn’t two white parents adopt you after yours were willing to raise you. For a racist and horrible country filled with racist and horrible white people that’s really something, isn’t it. Maybe you should also decline the paycheck from the white owner of your team or the white fans that buy your merchandise and fill the stands so watch you play. There is a statement I don’t see you making any time soon.

And Colin, who’s getting away with murder? I’d like to see some evidence to back that up because that’s a pretty strong claim. And what about the oppression of black people, it’s funny. Through that six-year career of yours you choose to start sitting now, what changed to make you so resentful of your country.

Please tell me how you are repressed?

Is it because the black unemployment rate is double what it is for whites, or the homicide rate, or the dropout rate, or the percentage of minority communities on food stamps. Well, we’ve had a black President for almost eight years now, maybe he failed you. We also have a black woman incharge of the Justice Department, maybe she failed you too or you’re against the the liberals, your saviors which have run your communities into the ground.

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Where does the buck stop? When will those and black communities take a step back and take some responsi-damn-bility for the problems of black communities because it seems to me blaming white people for all of your problems might make you ‘the racist’. But Colin, you don’t care about any of that, you want to make a political statement. But here’s the deal, Colin, I’ve got loved ones overseas right now fighting for your right to sit on a bench and bitch and moan about your perceived oppression while making $19 million dollars a year to throw a ball, so show a little respect. And if you want to sit down now is the time on the bench because you suck, but perhaps you should stand up for the anthem.

God bless from Dallas, good night, and take care.

Tomi Lahren On Colin Kaepernick

Tomi Lahren On Colin Kaepernick

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