Tomi Lahren Message To Beyonce


Tomi Lahren Message To Beyonce

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[Tomi Lahren Message To Beyonce]

[Tomi Lahren (August 11, 1992):] Source:
To The Black Lives Matter folks, to the militant beyhive, and to those who have nothing better to do than post nasty comments on my Instagram, let’s get something straight – you don’t scare me, you don’t intimidate me, you will not silence me, you’re bullies.

My assessment of the Beyoncé’s Super Bowl performance was not racist in any way. My message was clear: America should be coming together every day, but especially on America’s game day.

You want to pull apart my final thoughts and stick together the parts you take issue with – go for it!

But if you would like to educate yourself visit and watch the whole segment.

I have nothing against Beyonce.

I pointed out that white people love her. Little white girls look up to her just as little black girls do.

Please tell me what is racist about that? Truth is some of you aren’t interested in a real conversation about race.

You either go on the attack against anyone that dares question your aggressive, divisive and damaging agenda.

Beyoncé did not salute Martin Luther King or leaders that fought injustice with dignity.

She chose to pay homage that a group that advocated violence as a means to an end. She, while flanked and protected by law enforcement both white and black, chose to use her platform to agitate progress and encourage division.

There is still racism and prejudice in this country I am not disputing it, but don’t you dare come at me with your hate and your call to violence and your threats on my life and tell me racism is a one-way street. It’s not!

If the best and most intellectual argument you could put up against mine is a barrage of name calling and harassment, I feel sorry for you. If you believe the way to equality and understanding is violence and profanity, I feel sorry for you.

If you choose to use the First Amendment to attack, harass and degrade me on Instagram, I feel sorry for you.

[Tomi Lahren:] Source:
But unlike you, I won’t call you names, or tell you to die, or encourage you to spend less time on Instagram and more time on productive activities, but I will pray for you. Those are my final thoughts, god bless you and god bless America.

Tomi Lahren Message To Beyonce

Tomi Lahren Message To Beyonce

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Tomi Lahren Message To Beyonce. America should be coming together every day, but especially on America’s game day. Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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