TMNT Say No To Drugs Advert


TMNT Say No To Drugs Advert

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[TMNT Say No To Drugs Advert]

Hey, Joey! I got some stuff you just got to try!

Joey: What is it?

Pot…you know…marijuana…

Joey: Oh…well…I don’t know…

What…are you chicken? Bock, bock, bock, bock!

Leonardo: Joey’s in a jam! What should he do? Hmm… Kate!

Kate: Get a teacher!

Raphael: Excellent!

Mike: Get a pizza!

Donatello: Get real!

Get out of there!

Donatello: You got it! Let’s see if Joey’s that smart…

Joey: I’m not a chicken…you’re a turkey!

Donatello: He’s right! Drug dealers are dorks…don’t even talk to them!


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TMNT Say No To Drugs Advert

TMNT Say No To Drugs Advert

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