Tig – Main Trailer – Netflix


Tig – Main Trailer – Netflix

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[Tig – Main Trailer – Netflix]

[Bill Burr:] Source: LYBIO.net
I’ve had it maybe three times where the person going on in front of you is so good – you stop being the next comic and you become an audience member.

[Sarah Silverman:]
Please welcome my friend Tig.

[Conan O’Brien:]
Please welcome the very funny Tig Notaro!

[Sarah Silverman:]
Uh…how’s it going…? Good.

A Netflix Original Documentary

[Mathilde “Tig” O’Callaghan Notaro:]
My career has always just been going steadily up. In early 2012 I was busier than I have ever been. And then, I collapsed.

[Tig Notaro:]
The doctor said my insides were inflamed beyond recognition. A week later my mother died. And then I found a lump. After everything that had happened, I have cancer.

[Tig Notaro:]
As soon as I was diagnosed everything came over me as funny. I love stand-up so much. I wanted to do it one more time.

[Tig Notaro:]
Good evening hello! I have cancer. How are you?

[Ed Helms (Guest Comedian at Tig Has Friends):]
I was sitting there watching and I texted Tig is doing something historic.

[Tig Notaro:]
The idea that this show happened went viral.

Louis C.K.
in 27 years doing this, I’ve seen a handful of truly great, masterful standup sets. One was Tig Nortaro last night ar Largo.

Bill Burr
Just saw Tig Notaro at Largo…made me feel like I was an open miker. Absolute genius!

Ed Helms
Tig Notaro just blew my mind at Largo. One of the most amazing stand-up sets I’ve ever seen.

Matthew J. Cantieri
Tig Notaro’s set last nigt at the Largo: bit.ly/Rm7Tx4 – Louis CK says best routines he’s seen in 27 years

#tigNotaro is the epitome of courage, grace under pressure. I love her and you all should too! RT if you love Tig.

[Conan O’Brien:]
What is your latest prognosis?

[Tig Notaro:]
I had surgery, I did. Yeah, uh…double mastectomy [finger snap] [fffffff]

[Conan O’Brien:]
Whose your doctor, The Fonz?

[Tig Notaro:]
We have one shot. This is what being alive is all about. Its so cliche but it’s like you are alive, you might as well take chances.


[Tig Notaro:] Source: LYBIO.net
I’ve made so many jokes over the years about how flat chested I was. My boobs over heard me. And they were just like; we are sick of this – lets kill her.


Tig - Main Trailer - Netflix

Tig – Main Trailer – Netflix


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