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I just thought about how crazy this is, like how this is the beginning of the new world.

This is a historic day.

To change the course of history forever today.

The final frontier. Yes!

It’s the last stand.

The tower-fall for creativity.


With the gloves powerful.


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Every great movement started with a group of people being able to get together and, really, just make a stand.

Everyone here is (you know) that term – icons. But at one point, we were all in love with music. You can’t make it to what we – what we’ve accomplished without having that love of music be the foundation. I think, it’s one of the things that sets us aside from someone that’s a tech company that’s selling advertising or selling hardware. Right now they’re writing the story for us. We need to write the story for ourselves…

If the fans can see this is from us, that’s so important…

Let’s do it!

his collaboration feels so… ego-less, everybody is having a conversation. WE really do have an opportunity to change the way we all experience art.

We’re gonna come together and take a stand and we’re give people quality and great things and great experiences.

We’ll – we’ll push things that’s happening on the Internet further along.

This is really musicians making music. It’s about music and there’s no endgame.

Maybe it sounds like a cliche but it’s about putting art back into the forefront… It’s about bringing humanity back to being an artist. Not technology, art. Human, art.

I spoke to a lot of different [people] outside of the industry and everyone was like: “What took so long?!” Like, this thing was what everyone wanted – and everyone feared. If – if – if these artists can sit in a room together, the game changes forever. And it happened today.





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