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This Is Islam

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[This Is Islam]

The answer is very simple, Islam is the truth and Christianity and Judaism are not the truth.

Fahah Ullah Quereshi: Source:
Could I give a comment regarding this topic? May I sir?

You are the big boss. [indiscernible].

Quereshi: Yup but you’re the [indiscernible].


You are the big [indiscernible].

You’re the doctor.


Quereshi: Mashallah.

Quereshi: Can you have the camera – can we have this camera focusing on all the audience there? Can we have this camera focusing on all the audience? Because every now and then, every time we have a conference, every time we invite a speaker, they always came come with the same accusations, “This speaker supports the death penalty for homosexuals, this speaker supports death penalty for this crime or this crime or that crime, or that he is homophobic, they subjugate women,” et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. It’s the same old stuff coming all the time, and I always try to tell them – I always try to tell them that, “look, it’s not that speaker that we are inviting who has these extreme radical views, as you say. These are general views that every Muslim actually has, every Muslim believes in these things, just because they are not telling you about it, or just because they are not out in the media does not mean they don’t believe in them.”

So I will ask you, everyone in the room, how many of you are normal Muslims, you are not extremists, you are not radical, just normal Sunni Muslims, please raise your hands?

Everybody, masha’Allah, Subhan Allah. Okay, take down your hands again. How many of you agree that men and women should sit separate? Please raise your hands.

Sisters in particular cause they —

Everyone agree, everyone agree the brothers and sisters. Subhanallah. So it’s not just this radical Shaykh then. Allahu Akbar.

Next question, how many of you agree that the punishments described in Quran and the Sunnah, whether it is death, whether it is stoning for adultery, whatever it is, if it is from Allah and his messenger that is the best punishment ever possible for humankind. And that is what we should apply in the world. Who – who agrees with that? Allahu Akbar. Are you all, the radical extremists? Subhanallah.

So all of you are saying that you are common Muslims, you all go to the different mosques, no way or is it – are you less specific sect like the Islamist sect or anything like that? Are you like that? Nah. Are you like the privilege? Please raise your hand, if you like this extreme Islamist sect or anything like that? No one. Allahu Akbar.

How many of you just go to these normal mosques in – the normal Sunni mosques? Please raise your hands. Allahu Akbar.

So what’s – what’s the politicians going to say now? What’s the media going to say now? That we are all extremists? We’re all radicals? We need to deport all of us from this country? Subhanallah. Allahu Akbar! Takbir!

Allahu Akbar!


Allahu Akbar!


Allahu Akbar!

Quereshi: Source: L Y B I O . N E T
May we have the next question, please?

This Is Islam

This Is Islam

This Is Islam. How many of you agree that men and women should sit separate? Please raise your hands. Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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July 15, 2016

Madiha Khan @ 5:43 am #

Masha Allah this is what our Islam is and this is our teachings we are peaceful people , We are Muslims not terrorists I don’t know who are these people who are trying to put Islam and Muslims down by bombing into different countries and using the name Muslim they can’t be Muslim , our teaching is not to kill other people our teaching is to be kind with the mankind

July 28, 2016

melanie van kampen @ 1:41 pm #

. I am writing to you because I am being tortured, here in the US. I have been under a false investigation since 2010; it was never an investigation, but a plan of torture. I have been and continue to be poisoned with furfuryl alcohol and other substances and have a polymer that cannot be removed and covers my entire body. I, as Eric Fair knows, have all the right questions to all the right people, over 400 questions now, to prove from the beginning, it was a plan of torture and poisoning and covering it up, planting evidence, inciting fear and hatred, devaluing me as a person, layering false/fabricated evidence, lies from half truths, drugging, raping, pics.., one person at a time in the community, in professions where documentation could and would grow to cover up, one being in reference to my mental health. There are so many crimes happening and the destruction corruption of this level leaves behind is like a disease of its own. My condo and car are entered continually and substance applied. Also, I am exposed during the day at other places I visit. The level of doses and length of exposure is now at the point where should anyone consult an expert in furfuryl alcohol the damage is exactly what is to be expected and degenerative and progressive. I am writing to you to share this with others whose passion and commitment is to stop torture, expose it, and prevent it. There are so m any victims, they just don’t know it yet. I am certain the lead investigator/attorney, as anyone at this conference will surmise, is a sociopath. And, now, after so much time, my daily behaviors to adjust and adapt to the level of torture is documented by members of the community and used knowingly as more fabricated evidence against me instead of healthy coping skills and skills of surviving and facing torture everyday. There is so much more, but even Eric Fair found it too unreasonable to believe, which is one of his tenets for getting past, a red flag if you will, to address the possibilities, as well as knowing the right questions to ask. If a discussion about these possibilities never happens, it will continue, it will grow, it will happen again. Also, I appeal to everyone in this area not to get comfortable in conferences, but to know that because of your commitment in this area, victims will seek you, not only for themselves, but for the cause you pursue. I do not use email. Please send me a verification by mail that you received this. And, please, even share this with someone who wakes up each morning, intent to make a difference in stopping torture, who isn’t afraid to address situations that seem to unbelievable, who would want to understand, and ask them to share it with another like minded person, and confirm by mail if they’ve received this. For women, the most inciting element at the core of this is the theme of my mental health being a major area of lies, fabrication-knowingly by law enforcement participating and others-which I will not try to convince anyone of anything in this drop down box..but to subjugate women in this way and then torture and incite community members with it it deplorable, heinous, and yes, it still happens, and so easy to expose this….and there’s so much more…but to expose or not, what will you do knowing it is happening and by the sociopathic, corrupt lead investigator silencing this, will you to be silent? You see, earlier this year, I went to the Office of Judicial Discipline in Columbia, SC and met with Mr. Campbell. There individuals submit complaints. They are filed and with the Freedom of Infomation Act, I knew, after hundreds and hundreds of attempts to share this and the corruption and torture details, the entire world would have access to it. Mr. Campbell explained to me that the book of questions, the “right questions for the right people” that I mentioned above, would be read and filed in a pending status until I knew the name of the attorney since it was an undercover investigation. Indeed, I had noticed online that a number of cases listed the attorney as unknown. A few days later, I received the book back in the mail with a note stating it was returned since I didn’t know the name! The corruption, the influence of years of corruption even affected a state department! also because of the hundreds and hundreds of people connected on a cell phone network, I am completely isolated, and inside that isolation I have no freedom of speech available to me. I do believe there are many people in the US who would not want this, but they too are victims of this, turned away from helping to stop it, expose it because the crafting of the corruption, the cover up has duped them from looking in-depth into the matter, as well as many have participated on the local level in GA and SC, knowingly, and I still believe everyone is a victim! You will find that this investigator/attorney set out to create hate among hundreds of people at the onset of designing a plan to poison me, torture me, including rape, which in my book of questions, I know the right ones to ask to the right people to expose and prove the set up, the rape, and the cover up. There’s so much more to gain from this, so much; but all I am asking, as above is to share this, create questions that need to be asked, plant seeds for the future within your organization if the facts are to unbelievable for you for now.

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