TheMysticVlog My Suicide Story


TheMysticVlog My Suicide Story

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[TheMysticVlog My Suicide Story]


The following is based on a true story…

The gun used is a prop I am banned from owning a firearm…

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I was trapped inside the prison of my mind. My thoughts were clouded with negativity. Depression is something people don’t want to talk about, because it shows weakness. And in a society, where we pretend everything is perfect, Photoshop not only our photos, but our lives.

I swear I wasn’t normal. I swear that how I thought and the perception of myself was who I really was. That I didn’t deserve, not only happiness, but I didn’t deserve to live.

I am worthless, I am scum, I am fucked of person.

All thought patterns I had stapled in my mind. And anything you tell yourself, yourself sub-conscience will begin to believe it is true.

There is a big difference for contemplating, taking your life and actually doing it.

TheMysticVlog My Suicide Story

TheMysticVlog My Suicide Story

But at this moment, a gun in my hand, fingers squeezed against the trigger, hopelessness in my heart, and numerous social media posts for seeing this inevitable moment, I was as good as dead, before my heart even stopped.

I thought about everything, my friends, my family, the family I never started, my supporters, the people I let down and at that moment, none of it mattered. All that mattered was relieving myself from the seemingly endless torture.

This was it, the answer to all my problems.

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I would finally be at peace, pull the trigger. Don’t be a bitch, pull the goddamn trigger!

Voices in my head, do it, do it. And that’s when it happened.

This is the police, this is the police, put the gun down, put the gun down now!

I’ve never believed in miracles until that moment.

Suddenly my life had meaning again.

And honestly, I’ve never been more grateful.

I’ve never been more alive.

Now I feel blessed to say, I’m still here.

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TheMysticVlog I'm Still Here

TheMysticVlog I’m Still Here

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