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[Patrick Firmenich (Chairman of Firmenich Board Firmenich):] Source:
There are about 2.5 billion people every day that don’t use toilet. And the resulting effect of that is that there are lot of people that get sick in particular children. There are about 800,000 that die every year, because of lack of hygiene.

[Bill Gates:]
One of the reasons that new toilets have failed is because they smell bad. They don’t used because they are concentrating really bad smells, so people just go out and defecate in the open. So we thought is there any science somewhere that could help get rid of this smell.

[Gilbert Ghostine (CEO Firmenich):]
At Firmenich we have been working intensively on the science of malodour since 1930s.

[Bill Gates:]
Scientists actually didn’t understand exactly what it was that made toilet smell bad. And so they literally sent their scientist out to look at the toilets in the developing world trying to understand what those smells were.

[Matthew Rogers (VP R&D North America and Cellular Biology Firmenich):]
When it comes to neutralization we want to take a surgical approach to targeting the malodour receptors to change the biological signals that go into the brain.

[Patrick Firmenich:]
So when you are exposed to a bad smell you don’t smell it. It’s the same thing that you do today is in aeroplane when you put earphones that send to your ear a frequency that is the opposite frequency of the engine of the airplane. You don’t hear the noise anymore. Here we are developing ingredients, fragrance ingredients that will block your receptor.

[Bill Gates:]
To come up with the exact mixtures you still need humans to try those things out. So you get guided by your deep science, but you use screening techniques. I got a chance to smell before.

pretty bad.

[Bill Gates:]
And after which is pretty good. It’s quite amazing to see that not only did they figure out what was causing the bad smell, they took their library of ingredients, and looked at how they could combine different things and then they were able to create something that when you mix it in even with the bad stuff doesn’t smell so bad.

Firmenich has very good science, but they have lot more than that. They have relationships with these product companies and they have a social commitment that they want their products out helping everybody.

[Gilbert Ghostine:]
I strongly believe that business is a force for good. And I’m looking forward to address the sanitation crises as quickly as possible.

[Bill Gates:]
I think they’ll achieve both the goal of having a good product and improving the world. So it’s been a pretty amazing partnership.


Thegatesnotes Smells Of Success

Thegatesnotes Smells Of Success

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