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The Young Donald Trump

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[The Young Donald Trump]

And now as promised the man who lives in his own golden tower in New York City for that matter he could live just about anywhere in the Western Hemisphere because he has developed magnificent tracks of land and owns the gleaming casinos and hotels, which are on top of them. We could only be talking about Donald Trump. Thank you, Mr. Trump for joining us this morning.

[Donald John Trump, Sr. (born June 14, 1946):] Source:
Hiya, Dan.

I have heard that you are worth something like $3 billion dollars but to read your book The Art of the Deal, you don’t care to count exactly how much you’re worth do you?

[Donald Trump:]
But I know what I’m worth I know that that from the standpoint of the book I’ve done a book, the charities go to, the – the money all goes to charity that we’re making from the book, the book has become a tremendous success which I’m happy to say. It’s something that makes a lot of charities very happy too because as I said the money goes to charity so I’m very happy about it.

It tells you that a lot of people want to make a lot of money are they going to learn that by reading your book?

[Donald Trump:]
Well, they might learn that and they also might learn that they shouldn’t try making too much money because I really have a theory that some people are not destined to make a lot of money and that’s fine and they can be very happy. In fact, they could be much happier by not. Those people shouldn’t be because they can ruin their lives. I mean they’ll go and they’ll put up their house and they’ll mortgage their cars and everything else they own and they’ll go into business and they shouldn’t necessarily be in business; not everybody is meant to be a businessperson.

Now you own these incredible casinos and hotels and the towers in New York City you’re going to build this world’s tallest building now in Television City. When is enough enough or will Donald Trump never be satisfied with the deal-making in the acquisitions?

[Donald Trump:]
Well I’m like, a lot of my friends from Houston I just keep chugging. I mean all you can do is just keep going life is sort of a pretty short experience and you have to maintain some kind of an equilibrium and the way I maintain that is to work and I enjoy what I do, I love what I do and I hope I do it well. And so I just keep going forward Dan, and so far it’s paid off.

Are you smarter than most people who would call themselves entrepreneurs if you work harder what is the deal with you anyway?

[Donald Trump:]
Well, that’s an interesting question. I don’t know if anyone has ever asked me the question, am I smarter than other people. I think that without a certain innate intelligence and without a certain drive you are not going to be successful.

I’ll bet that you’re used as a person an awful lot. I know that people sue you because you have deep pockets; people invite you to their banquets to promote their own causes and in a more personal way I suppose that people come up to Donald Trump and to them money is your complete identity and they don’t approach you with a kind of personal respect that I’m sure you deserve. That must aggravate you, must bother you?

[Donald Trump:] Source:
Well, it becomes somewhat impersonal life unfortunately and I will tell you that I’m not sure that that’s a very good thing or a very healthy thing, but it’s where I am and there is not unfortunately very much I can do about it. But maybe I wouldn’t want to I have my friends, I had some very, very good friends and I guess I had some very good enemies and I like it that way somehow. And – and I really believe in trashing your enemies and really being loyal to your friends I’m a strong believer in loyalty, Dan.

I keep wondering about little details of your life, are you carrying your wallet this morning?

[Donald Trump:]
I am carrying my wallet.

How much cash do you have in your wallet?

[Donald Trump:]
Probably none, I don’t keep cash in a wallet, and I don’t carry very much cash you know there’s not very much reason to carry cash I guess but I don’t carry very much. But I keep none in my wallet I can honestly say I don’t put it – I don’t have…

Your credit property would be pretty good.

[Donald Trump:]
I guess the credit is good.

Do you pump your own gas at the service station?

[Donald Trump:] Source:
No, not generally and if I can – you know – it’s one of the nice little luxuries in life to be able to say, hey I’ll pay the extra $0.05 a gallon.

And on say Friday or Saturday night you ever sit around in your underwear and order pizza, run a movie, just stay at home.

[Donald Trump:]
Absolutely, absolutely that’s an important element in life. I mean frankly, you are mentioning one of my best and favorite phases in life I love just being home, relaxing, taking it easy watching television and maybe necessarily if there’s pizza that’s good too. But there’s nothing like that kind of relaxation, Dan.

In your cozy 80 foot living room. What doesn’t money by anyway?

[Donald Trump:]
Well, I’ve always said you know money isn’t a totally essential ingredient but it does make life a little bit easier in terms of for the medical and in terms – you know people say well money can’t buy happiness and they are absolutely right, but it does make it easier, it means that there are problems that you would have, if you didn’t have money that you just won’t have to the same extent so.


[Donald Trump:]
I really, I really look at money is being something that is totally unessential but something that you should certainly try and have enough off.

Because death is the great equalizer and because we all leave this life with exactly the same amount, I wonder if you have much of the spiritual life.

[Donald Trump:] Source: L Y B I O . N E T
Well, I’m not sure that we do leave with the exact same amount I mean I’m leaving a lot of money to charity as an example when I leave and I think that’s going to benefit a lot of other people. So I don’t know if we can really say that we leave with the exact same amount. I’m going to leave with a very good feeling that that I’ve done something and left something behind….

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The Young Donald Trump

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