The Urban Gorilla Child Falls Into Gorilla Pit At Zoo


The Urban Gorilla Child Falls Into Gorilla Pit At Zoo

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[The Urban Gorilla Child Falls Into Gorilla Pit At Zoo]


At a zoo, on a British Isle today a young boy helped on to the wall by his father fell into the Gorilla pit, a tourist with his home video camera captured this startling event.

Five year old Levan Merritt lay unconscious at the mercy of a 450 pound Silver Back gorilla. The crowd watched helplessly. Never before had such an accident occurred. And never before had this full grown male gorilla encountered a human being within his domain and only the worst could be imagined. But what was to unfold this September afternoon would astonish the world.

As the injured child regained consciousness tension turned to panic.

“Don’t move, dear.”

But Jambo the Western Lowland gorilla shattered an age old myth prisoner in a world where man is king. He’d shown an astonishing sensitivity for human life.

Levan Merritt was rushed to a hospital with only minor injuries, but the incident had given us a rare glimpse into the nature of this extraordinary animal and the world of the Urban Gorilla.

Narrated By Glenn Close

For over a century, man trekked into the African rainforests searching out one of his closest relatives. So similar to ourselves and yet so mysterious, gorillas were like magnets. Man found these animals irresistible.

Entire families were often killed as they fought to protect their young, thus bring the myth of gorilla as savage beast an image that was to shadow these gentle creatures for generations. Torn from their rainforests home shipped to an urban world and placed on display for man’s amusement. This was the future for these young survivors.

When they were securely tied them we felt sorry for them. They looked so pitiful and for a short time you wouldn’t abated whether or not we would turn them loose. They did not realize it then but the were just beginning a trip which took them half way around the world. And I sincerely believe that they will live as long and as happily as they would in their native jungles.

Sentenced to solitary lives behind steel bars these strange prisoners paste and charged in their concrete cages. We watched with fascination, but with little understanding. Source: L Y B I O . N E T

Instead we trapped, killed, caged and finally placed gorillas on the endangered species list. We’ve only just begun to understand them as individuals, each with a story to tell a past, a present and hopefully a future.

Child Falls Into Gorilla Pit At Zoo

Child Falls Into Gorilla Pit At Zoo

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