The Pontiac Stinger


The Pontiac Stinger

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[The Pontiac Stinger]

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Colorful is the best way to describe this amazing future car from Pontiac packed with modern concepts, wild and wacky pretensions and maybe more personality than any other car.

The Pontiac Stinger a $2 million design exercise that’s worth ten times that in sheer traffic stopping ability.

There is a remote keyless entry system and the fold down armrest reveals the controls for the electronic memory steering wheel and driver seat.

Once you get in the car through our electronic and manual adjustments for the instrument cluster and tilt steering wheel.

If you’ve taken your Pontiac Stinger to the beach, but you’ve forgotten your beach chair, fear not, this car has the answer.

Just remove one of the upholstered inserts from either one of the front seats and you are home free.

If you love music there is plenty on board this thing including an AM, FM radio and a funky looking CD player in the center console.

Under this cushion there is a pullout AM, FM cassette player that you can take anywhere.

And if you like a lot of nooks and crannies; how about a couple of pull out storage bins under each front seat.

And the outside door panel of the Stinger is actually a removable storage pod and ice chest.

There is a portable vanity case for binoculars and a compass.

A hidden toolkit including a trouble light and an air compressor.

[The Pontiac Stinger:] Source:
A flash light, two portable vacuum cleaners that are easily stored onboard, even a garden hose, bicycle bags, a removable picnic kit, a portable gas stove and a collapsible picnic table.

If you have to spend the night in your Stinger, the seats fold down to accommodate a standard size sleeping bag. The Stinger almost as much a condo is a car. Truly, one of the world’s most versatile future cars.

The Pontiac Stinger

The Pontiac Stinger

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