The Period Fairy


The Period Fairy

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[The Period Fairy]

[Lillian Tyre:] Source:
Hey, blood sisters this is Lillian Tyre. Last month was my first month and it was vagical, but not everyone’s so lucky and that’s why we girls need a shero, the period fairy. History may have forgotten her but herstory hasn’t. Is it true you were rivals?

THE TOOTH FAIRY, colleague: Look we were the only women in the game and everyone try to pin against each other but she paved the way for me.

For years the department of mythical creatures was an OLD BOYS CLUB, but male period fairies are MANSPLAINERS not MENSTRUATORS. They had no idea what girls needed.

Once our shero broke through the glass ceiling she made up for lost time.

She was the first to say ‘instead of talking about a never – let’s talk about it always’ as in always pads. *wink*

According to my sources your relationship was on again and off-again.

CUPID, Ex-lover:
My source is do you mean Santa because that guy talks more smack then the Easter Bunny.

We hated each other, she resented my success. She even made a sting that I got to wear a red suit, it’s my signature color.

She kind of had a point.

She was jealous of my fame. I can’t help it. #blessed.

Dr. Janet Sullivan, PhD, Historian:
She originally went by Flow White then Lord of the Strings. She finally settled under ‘Period Fairy’. It was more a straight forward.

So where is she now?

THE TOOTH FAIRY, colleague:
She sold an app for a cool billion and retired, ‘The Clue Period’ tracking app – I use it all the time.

CUPID, Ex-lover:
She is here. She is right here.

So she retired to a place where no one gets their period, Boca. not actually Boca

Sadly I never located the period fairy. I was bumbed, until it dawned on me. Sometimes instead of looking for a shero, you just have to be one yourself.

Long live the period fairy.


Sweet tat.

CUPID, Ex-lover: Source: L Y B I O . N E T
Thanks, I got it in prison.

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