The Nut Bra


The Nut Bra

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[The Nut Bra]

Has this ever happened to you?

Ha haa…

What’s wrong?

I sat on my god damn / [beep] nuts again.

Or this…

Haaa, god [beep] it…

What happened?

My nuts fall in the toilet again.

Or even…

Oh, hey Mr…


Oh, good lord…

Damn it…

Let’s be honest long saggy nuts are a problem millions of elderly men face every day, but now they don’t have to.

Introducing the nut bra, the only product guaranteed to give your dangling testicles the support they so desperately need.

The nut bra uses patented ball hoisting technology to lift your boys safely out of harm’s away, simply slip your apple bag into the padded cups and you are on your way.

Your balls are guaranteed to stay in place; no matter what the situation whether you’re driving or just hanging out around the house.

[Josephone, 65 Kuzniak, NY:]
Before the nut bra, my husband’s balls were disgusting.

[Murry, 66 Kazniak, NY:] Source:
My nuts were so old and shaggy. They used to look like Clint Eastwood.

[Harold, 62 Boise, ID:]
Thanks to nut bra. The only thing busting my balls now is my wife. I hate that bitch.

Thank you nut bra.

The nut bra! Because life is too short to spend in sitting on your nuts.

Ha, [beep] damn it.



The Nut Bra

The Nut Bra

The Nut Bra. Life is too short to spend in sitting on your nuts. Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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