The Lifestyle Team Former Truck Driver Turned To The Internet For A Better Lifestyle


The Lifestyle Team Former Truck Driver Turned To The Internet For A Better Lifestyle

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[The Lifestyle Team Former Truck Driver Turned To The Internet For A Better Lifestyle]

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Hi, there. My name is Chris and I am the co-founder of the

Today, I’m actually shooting a video here in my backyard in the beautiful Perth, Western Australia, but most of the time you won’t find me here. You actually find me and my team; we’re usually traveling all over the world because we do live a life full of flexibility and freedom simply because we run an online business. So as long as we would have laptop and the Internet connection, we’re good to go.

So the whole point of this video is this video is for anyone who is feeling a little bit stuck maybe in a job, or a career, or maybe you’re running your own small business and it’s just taking up way too much of your free time, it’s taking out way too much of your freedom, so that you can actually be enjoying life and living life on your own terms.

This is something that I wasn’t doing over three years ago. When I was still an employee, I was actually driving trucks in the mining industry for a living. And that required me to keep my alarm clock at 4:30 every morning and go to a job that I hated doing for 12 hours per day. And you know what, that – I just did that because that’s what society tells people to do is really work hard so that you can accumulate enough wealth. So you can enjoy your freedom when you are older in your fifties, sixties, seventies.

And I didn’t want to have to be doing that, I didn’t want to have to wait until I can start enjoying my life, I didn’t want to be where you know, my superiors were. I always looking at people 20, 30 years ahead of me and that’s not what I wanted, I wanted freedom. I wanted financial freedom. I wanted time freedom. I wanted to enjoy my life.

So that’s when I started actually reading books and trying to figure out different opportunities for me to actually escape that industry, maybe you feel the same right now. But I started reading books like Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki where the first chapter actually talks about the rich don’t work for money and that time is time, money is money, but here I was, I was trading my time for money and then I started reading books like The 4-Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferriss, who can create a business that runs on systems that you don’t have to actually sacrifice all of your time to run your business.

And you know the main thing I wanted to do was live a lifestyle like that. So luckily enough I did come across a different business opportunity, a totally different business model than traditional businesses, you know. I’ve seen a lot of traditional businesses. I’ve grown up with a lot of traditional businesses where you do require like a storefront, you do require like a physical product, you require your services, there are lots and lots of overheads that bring your margins down. It requires you to be there in a day in day out basis to actually overlook the operation so that nothing really goes wrong and. They’re not very scalable because you only got your local area to sell to. And then I started comparing it to this different business opportunity, mainly an internet business.

And with an internet business, it’s very scalable because you got a global audience. And an internet business can actually be run on systems. You can leverage tools and technology of the Internet things that we didn’t have 20 years ago, which did totally change the game and allow you to stop trading your time for money. So long story short, three years ago, I actually left my job, high paying, secured job, everyone thought I was crazy. I was earning $80,000 per every year. They said why you – why you’ve thrown this in? But I threw it into – you know work towards my dreams and visions of creating something where I can start waking up every day, loving life and loving my business and I couldn’t be happier.

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So you know what; ever since quitting that job, my life looks totally different to waking up every morning completely. I’m passionate what I was doing. I now wake up, live life on my own terms. I’ve got all the freedom to travel and do what I want. And you know what, I really want to help other people do the same. I’m financially free now. Me and my team, we earn more in a month than I did in an entire year, slaving away at a job I didn’t like. And you know that’s what I really want to get you thinking a little bit differently to really start changing your mindset and the way you think.

So what I want to offer you is a free seven-day video series that I first came across to get my start online, its shop on my personal mentors through the most successful digital entrepreneurs in the industry, Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek, who have helped thousands of people around the world. You know create businesses that they love and really start living life in their own terms.

And as an added bonus just enter your name and email and I’m going to send you a free copy of our eBook, its called Living a Laptop Lifestyle that really does go through the principles on a day in day out basis of how we run our business and how you can do the same starting from scratch because I had no idea how to do this stuff three years ago, but it does take a lot of learning, it does take a lot of hard work, but it’s so worth it. And then once you learn how to leverage the internet work smarter, you can also start living a life on your own terms.

So that being said, enter your name and email, being an action taker, not an excuse maker, read the content, go through the videos and I hope to speak to you very, very soon. Thank you.

The Lifestyle Team Former Truck Driver Turned To The Internet For A Better Lifestyle

The Lifestyle Team Former Truck Driver Turned To The Internet For A Better Lifestyle

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