The King G-Money – Til I Die


The King G-Money – Til I Die

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[The King G-Money – Til I Die]


I come from the gutta, mothafukka yeah i do this for my mother.
For my daughter, for dad, for my sister, even brothers.
Cant trust mothafukkaz cause they working under cover.
Snitch on me, you’ll be laying under covers.
I been under estimated since a young age nigga.
I grinded on my own, ima self made nigga.
You a bitch, you ain’t never been a brave ass nigga.
Fuck a deal, i will never be a slave ass nigga.
Every since i lost James i been losing my mind.
Like fuck these niggaz i ain’t really got the time.
Niggaz hate to see you win, they don’t want to see you shine.
I was born for this shit, I’m just one of a kind.
Being raised in the hood, is like living ina jungle.
Ima lion, I’m the king, untamed, no muzzle.
You don’t know shit unless you done survived in the struggle.
When it comes to getting money bitch i know about the hustle.
Man, I’m getting sick & tired of these washed up rappers.
Fake hood, straight bitch, non trapping ass rappers.
No money, can’t even make a hit ass rappers.
When its beef then they running to the cops ass rappers.
Its embarrassing when there’s no comparison.
Me thinking that I’m hot doesn’t mean that I’m arrogant.
They copied my flow yeah I call it good parenting.
My dad was a King so i guess it was inheritance.
Nigga ima beast when it comes to this shit.
And if you hating on meeeeee you can suck my dick.
Zombie Squad til i die, that’s my mothafukkin click.
& its bro’s over hoes nigga fuck that bitch.


Niggaz damn near 40, still spitting, still tryna get a deal.
Spitting like its 98, homie lets keep it real.
Bitch this generation mines & Im going for the kill.
When i make it to the top, ima tell you how it feel.
When I look in the mirror all I see is a monster. (a monster) bitch ima monster.
On my soprano shit my nigga ima mobster. (bitch ima mobster)
Niggaz ain’t real, this world just filled with imposters. (bitch they imposters)
Zombie Squad, Bcs, Yogi Boyz, yeah that be the roster. (bitch that’s the roster)
Dreads on my head, blowing weed like a rasta.
Fuck with the squad and my niggaz gone pop ya.
Google my name there’s nobody hotter!
And if you fake i don’t want no bother.
Tats on my body like the subway and Harlem.
I can’t stop spitting cause bitch this my calling.
You starving, no job like Tommy on Martin.
This King Crack til the day I’m in the fuckin coffin, im gone!!

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The King G-Money - Til I Die

The King G-Money – Til I Die

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