The Jimmy Dean Show Is Canceled 1959


The Jimmy Dean Show Is Canceled 1959

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[The Jimmy Dean Show Is Canceled 1959]

[Jimmy Ray Dean (August 10, 1928 – June 13, 2010):] Source:
Uh… I was supposed to do a Praise commercial right here. But I’ve changed my mind. Uh… something happened. And I only – I’m sorry that you had to learn it from the papers and not me, because I wanted to be the first one to tell you. But, as you’ve noticed or some of you noticed in the papers this morning that our show will be going off the air as of July 1, or around July 1.

And this digs a little bit.

They say I don’t understand them too much. The rating, the show that is on before us and the one that comes on after us, that there’s a little drop in between them, you see. And, I don’t know that – ours was a seven something and there is just nine. And, so I said, I don’t understand it too much. But according to CBS there is not enough people that watch this show to make it worth a sponsors time to buy.

And they maybe right, I’m not saying that they’re wrong. The only thing that makes me differ with them in the slightest is this.

That we’ve gotten an awful lot of mail, in the time that we’ve been on here. A lot of folks have written in, I’m not saying that in a bragging way, but they have. And folks walk up to you on the street like when we were in Corpus Christi and when we visited St. Paul, folks woke up on the street and they say, Jim we like your show. And those folks have no earthly reason to lie to me. And so for that reason and the latter reasons I’ve got to thank that there’s somebody out there somewhere that’s watching this show. Now then, I’m on gonna beg a little bit.

Because I’d like to stay on here, I’ve made some friends and a lot of good ones, and I think I got the best folks in the world to work with. And I’m not doubting one second that they can get a job anywhere if that they want to at any time, I just hate to see him go off in their separate directions, and maybe not see him again, and I like it here in the afternoon. And I want you to do something for me if you will.

As I said I was supposed to a Praise commercial and I probably get shot for doing what I’m doing right now. But what the heck, I ain’t got but two months anyhow, can’t hurt much, you know.

I want you to do something for me. In first place you’ve got to have a bar soap in the house, right. You might as well have the best and believe me there’s no finer soap than Praise we’ve told you that and I mean it there’s no finer bar soap than Praise.

[Jimmy Dean:] Source: L Y B I O . N E T
Now what I want you to do is this, if you would, I’d appreciate it more then you know it. I’d like you to go to your dealer, if you like the show when you’d like us to stay on the air, and I hope which you do. If you go to your dealer and pick up a bar Praise and boy you got to do this in a hurry, because the axe is ready fall, believe me. Good Lord is my witness, this ain’t no stuff, I mean it.

You get a bar Praise, take off the wrapper, put it in an envelope and send it to me.

Jimmy Dean, CBS TV, New York, mail it to me.

Now what I’m going to do with it is this. After it gets in here, if there’s anybody watching, that does it and we get enough of them, I’m going to take it over to Lever Brothers, and they been awful good to this old country boy. And I think they believe in me, it’s not them that don’t believe in me, it’s CBS, you see, the sponsors are happy but CBS is unhappy. And they got jittery and shook up. You know, views are gaining but we just a little too slow about doing it, I guess.

So I’d like you to pick up this Praise and send it to me and after I get enough of it. I’m going to take it over to Mr. Lever and I am going to pile it right into his living room and I am going to say, look here, somebody is watching this show.

So, if you do that I would appreciate it more then you know. And if you don’t do it, well, then I was wrong and CBS was right. But if you do, this ‘ole country boy, just thank the heck out of you. [Applause]

Thank you. Well that laid it on the line, didn’t it. I may get my head cut off quicker, then I thought, after that – hold on, that’s good boss – here. (WOOO)….. Had to get it off my chest, I would of died very uncomfortable if I hadn’t done. Uh… well, the show is all out of schedule, Joel, you know now. So we’ll just, we’ll just do as it comes along, we’ve got a delightful guest.

The Jimmy Dean Show Is Canceled 1959

The Jimmy Dean Show Is Canceled 1959

The Jimmy Dean Show Is Canceled 1959. I was supposed to do a Praise commercial right here. But I’ve changed my mind. Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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