The Home Depot Celebration Of Service Phoenix AZ


The Home Depot Celebration Of Service Phoenix AZ

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[The Home Depot Celebration Of Service Phoenix AZ]


Well, you know, I’ve been in the company a longtime. And from day one, we were always taught at Home Depot that we give back. My wife and my family are pretty much everything in my life. They’ve taught me how to give back and just excellent role models themselves.

He’s proud about this family. And George is like Home Depot he never wants a pat on the back for what he’s done.

You know how you feel like there’s something that’s missing. I went into banking after I left the military because I had a lot of skills that I was able to transfer into. But it never seems like quite a fit. And then I got cancer.


Terrified, like I didn’t know if I would come to come school one day or hear that like my mom’s gone.

She had the double mastectomy and then just going through the reconstructive process. Cutting into those same places over, and over and over again. It’s tough.

I finally decided, it’s like I want to do something that I’m passionate about, that’s why I went in the direction I did with human services and my masters in counseling.

Truly, the deck was stacked against her, you know, she had cancer. She’s a single mom, she got teenage kids and she’s got some mobility issues, very deserving, energetic lady.

I was really surprised, I was really surprised that they would have selected me for something that was really special. And that just doesn’t happen to me very often, I don’t think it’s ever happened to me, so.

One of the main things that we did on that project was given her backyard a refresh.

Had some trauma in the military and it just manifested with depression and the anxiety in certain situations. That is just my area to collect my thoughts and to deal with things as they come and not be so chaotic. It’s definitely a big accomplishment because I never saw myself going that far. I’ll be ready to walk across the stage and grab that – that master’s degree.

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My mom has been such an inspiration to me because when I saw here trying to get her degree and everything like that made me want to do better and just to prosper with my life.

I know how hard it is to be stigmatized by a label so it’s more to give back because I understand.

There are some people that – that have some tough things going on their lives and it just makes me feel really good about giving back and makes you kind of think about your own life.

She brings light wherever she’s at.

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I’ve always learned to give to other people and to see that done to her, it makes me feel proud.

The Home Depot Celebration Of Service Phoenix AZ

The Home Depot Celebration Of Service Phoenix AZ

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