The George Brett Story


The George Brett Story

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[The George Brett Story]

Right side. Back to the right gentlemen, both hands right side.

[George Howard Brett:] Source:
I farted. I shit my pants last night. I did. Went out and had a great meal. Just had a great fucking meal. I had to go the bathroom so bad in the car. I’m going ‘bro hurry up man I going to shit! I fucking shit in my pants. I wasn’t just – I’m good twice a year for that. When was the last time you shit your pants?

[Scott Dohmann:]

[George Brett:]
Yeah. Been awhile?

[Scott Dohmann:]
Yeah, it’s been a long time.

[George Brett:]
I was in Vegas a couple of years ago. This is an honest to God true story. I’m staying at the Bellagio. I went over to Mirage for dinner and met some friends of mine over there. Went to Cocomo’s and great little steakhouse.

Guy brings out some fresh Crab legs. These just came in. I have to give them to you guys. Brings them out. I am eating them. Then we go play gamble a little bit. I had a tea time early in the morning. So I said look I got to get going. I’m walking back to the hotel. I get 3/4s the way out of the lobby and all of the sudden I go ‘Oh Fuck!’ And I’m standing here like this. I got my butt pinched so fucking. I’m fucked I can’t move. All of sudden, you know – I felt all right, I went just like this (explosion sound) water. I had food poisoning from the crabs. Take off my leather jacket, tie it around my waist and I’m just standing there and it is just running down my leg. I got jeans on black bucks no socks, and I just start fucking walking. Every time I’m walking something’s coming out, it’s water! Straight, fucking, water.

Then to tell you how sick I was, tell you how sick I was. Then I am standing outside and I got to get my cell phone. I call the guy, I say, Larry, you won’t believe this. I’m standing outside the fucking Bellagio. I can’t move. I got shit everywhere. I shit all over myself. And Larry is about a 48 waist. So he brings me over a pair of pants and some towels and some towels. And so he then he comes over, he meets me tell him where I am standing I tell him where I’m standing. He finds the closest bathroom. When you go up the escalator, you go in to the fucking – I can’t get in the elevator.

So he goes in. He finds the closest bathroom, in the lobby of the hotel. And then I get in the escalator, and he kind of pretends like he drops something so no one gets in behind me.

[Scott Dohmann:]

[George Brett:] Source:
He tells me where it is, I go in there. He goes and gets the towel all wet for me, throws it over the fucking stall. I take off all my fucking clothes. Just wipe off. Leave my shoes, left my shoes, my pants, everything right there. The towels right there in the stall, and I am walking barefoot with my shirt and his pants, that are 48 waist through the lobby like this at midnight. I got up in the morning took the most perfect double tapered shirt I’ve ever had in my life. True story.

Who’s the pitchers in this game?

The George Brett Story

The George Brett Story

The George Brett Story. Leave my shoes, left my shoes, my pants, everything right there. Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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